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Light Particle Manipulation Apps For The iPad

Have you ever wanted to control light particles? It is a cool thing to do and now with apps on the iPad you can. There are some truly fantastic apps that allow you to create some amazing visuals. We could even see people putting on performances of light based apps. Check out this AppGuide for our favorites.

Essential Apps


by Colordodge Labs

Uzu is the best light manipulation app out there. The app lets you interact in 10 different ways. Uzu adjusts the animation of light differently depending on how many fingers you have touching the screen. The app also sends video through the video out cable allowing you to perform with Uzu. The app is simply amazing. And if you want it on your iPhone, there is Little Uzu available (link below).


by Robert Paul Neagu

This is another very cool app. You can adjust a variety of parameters, including size of the particles, color, speed, style, and choose from a number of soundtracks. But what makes this app really stand out is the Game Center integration. Now you can "play" with a friend! The free version (linked below) lacks Game Center but will let you manipulate particles just as well.

Notable Apps

Midnight HD

by Hyperbolic Magnetism

Midnight HD is a great alternative to the essential apps. The app lets you control particles/light in the night sky. The app comes packed with 10 different ways to interact with your particles. Midnight HD allows you to truly relax and enjoy playing with light. You can even add phrases - tap with eight fingers to see your phrase in lights.

Tesla Toy

by PDJ Apps

Tesla Toy is another great alternative to the essential apps. The app is universal, which allows it to run on your iPhone too. Tesla Toy interacts with your iPad in 10 different ways and includes video out support.

Atomic Toy

by PDJ Apps

Atomic Toy is another really nice app. It's made by the same developers as Tesla Toy. The app includes four different modes of operation. The different modes make it easy not to get bored with the app. This universal app will also run on the iPhone and features retina support.

Hot Lights

by PDJ Apps

This universal app from the makers of Tesla Toy is another fun one. With VGA output support, you can put your designs on the big screen.

Fireworks Arcade

by Big Duck Games LLC

This free and universal fireworks simulator lets you simply create fireworks or play a number of games, which are actually a bit like Fruit Ninja. Game Center integration lets you compete with your friends.

Decent Apps

Line Art

by PDJ Apps

Line Art offers many of the same features that Tesla Toy and Atomic Toy do. The app was created by the same development company. The app supports video out and 10 different ways to interact with light/particles. The app simply provides another set of particles to play with. It's a great one for particle/light manipulation fans. In addition, it's universal, so if you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you only need to buy this app once.

1000+lines - Retina

by Love.Echo.Inc

1000+lines takes the approach Uzu did and focuses on lines. The app is filled with 1000 plus lines that respond to your touch. The lines slowly change colors over time. The app does not have quite as high of a graphics “wow” that many of the others apps have. We do like how it is a bit different from those apps that focus on particle manipulation. And, it is universal, so use it on all your iDevices. The free version (linked below) is for iPad only.

1000+dots - retina

by Love.Echo.Inc

1000+Dots is very similar to the line app. The app is loaded with over 1000 dots that interact with your touches. The app once again is not up to the standard of visuals that the other apps in this AppGuide have. If you are looking for yet another fun way to play with lights/dots, you should check this one out.

Other Apps
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