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Music Theory For The iPad

For many students, the iPad is starting to replace text books. Music theory students have several options on the iPad to help dump those old books. We take a look at some of the best options in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Karajan® Pro - Music & Ear Trainer

by appsolute GmbH

Karajan Pro is an interactive music theory and ear training app for the iPad. We have found nothing quite as effective as Karajan Pro for training both young and old students in the fundamentals of music. The different training modules include intervals, chords, scales, pitch, tempo, and key signatures. We were blown away by the app’s quality interface and design. Karajan Pro blows its competition out of the water and is our choice as the essential music theory app for the iPad.

Notable Apps

Nota for iPad

by All Forces

Nota for iPad will blow you away from the very first time you launch it. The interface and design are incredibly elegant and beautiful. It doesn’t hurt that the information and features are just as powerful too. Included in the app is an extensive reference library of over 100 items. These include chords, the circle of fifths, note relationships, clefs, dynamics, scales and much more. A piano is also included and is used as a teaching tool in this app. Quizzes are included to ensure you learn your music theory. We could not praise Nota for iPad enough. It is one of the best music theory apps we have seen for the iPad to date. It was a very close call between this app and Karajan Pro as the essential app.

Scales & Modes for iPad

by Smappsoft

Scales and Modes for iPad is a single purpose app that we can recommend! The papyrus interface is both charming and useful. Scales and modes are two things that musicians need to have quick access to. This app provides just that. Simply select the root pitch you want and pull up any scale or mode to see what that scale is! You also get detailed information on how the scales/modes are built and their purpose. Quizzes are also included to help you learn the material. Scales and Modes is a great app for both beginners and pros.

Wolfram Music Theory Course Assistant

by Wolfram Alpha LLC

Wolfram Music Theory Course Assistant is a pretty good app. Included in the app is information on scales, triads, chord progressions, intervals, interval inversions, and music terms. Audio plays a big part in the app. As a student you are able to listen to chord progressions, notes, intervals and much more. We love the low price point of $1.99. Wolfram is an app that is worth a look.

Ear Trainer

by Dev4Phone

Ear Trainer is another fantastic option for those needing to brush up on aural music theory. Get training on interval comparison, interval identification, chord identification, chord inversions, chord progressions, scales, note relative to chord, and relative pitch. Ear Trainer has a great interface that makes learning fun. We would recommend giving this app a shot if Karajan Pro doesn’t do the trick.

Decent Apps

Treble Clef Kids Deluxe

by Christian Larsen Music

Treble Clef Kids Deluxe is an app that helps kids and those new to music learn scales on the treble clef. Kids are the ones that are really going to benefit from this app. Older beginners would benefit from apps like Nota for iPad and Karajan Pro. Treble Clef is a series of apps. If you need to learn about triads and other topics, then there is a separate app for that. We would have loved to see everything in a single app rather than having it spread across the different apps. Parents should take a look at this app for their kids before considering one of the more advanced apps aimed at adults.

Circle Theory

by Artsiness

Circle Theory provides both iPad and iPhone users easy access to information on the circle of fifths. Both the functionality and the interface leave a lot to be desired. Apps like Nota HD include all of the information included with this and so much more! We simply cannot recommend this single purpose app to anyone.

Other Apps
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