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Sun Seeker Apps

Photographers love to know where the sun is going to be at any given time. When will the sun rise, when will it set? All of this and more is essential to many photographers. Thankfully, there are some great sun tracker/compass apps available. We compare the best ones in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Sun Seeker: 3D Augmented Reality Viewer

by ozPDA

Sun Seeker is a fantastic option. The only big drawback with this app is you can not search other locations easily. The developers utilize current location really well, but lack the options to scout out distant locations. We have not seen a better app for this, so we hope this app gets an update that solves this problem. The iPad and iPhone interface is fantastic. You are able to see the path of the sun and a full calendar of sun rises and sets. Augmented reality is used to help you locate the sun even more efficiently. If you are a sun seeker, this is the best one to get.

Notable Apps

Sun Scout

by Benjohn Barnes

Sun Scout is another good option. You will have more limitations with this app than some of the others. The display will simply show you where the sun is going to be. You are able to set when and where. Simplicity is what makes this app a nice option.


by Mark Hessburg

SunGPS includes a ton of features. These include sunrise/sunset times, altimeter, thermometer, humidity/cloud/wind info, and a sun compass. The interface is okay and the features are pretty good. SunGPS is an app that is nice to have, but not essential.


by Amber Digital

MrSun is your free option. The app is very simple and easy to use. A wonderful iPad interface is included. You are given a compass that points to where the sun is relative to your current location. You can easily adjust the time of day and even change the location. For a free app, there is a lot of polish that makes it stand out.

Decent Apps

3D Sun&Moon Compass for iPhone4 (Gyroscope enabled)

by Shen Ji Pan

3D Sun&Moon Compass for iPhone 4 helps you track where the sun and moon are in relation to the world. This version is designed for gyroscope-enabled devices. There is also a version designed for the iPhone 3GS. The app will not be very useful for photographers, but it is a fun one to check out.

Sun Compass

by Longneck

Sun Compass provides nothing more than MrSun. MrSun is a free app and this one is $0.99. The interface is okay, but there is really nothing that makes this app stand out.

Other Apps
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