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Instrument Tuners For The iPhone

The iPhone's compact size and extremely accurate microphone make it a fantastic tool. There are some great instrument tuning apps out there. We take a look at the best ones in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner

by Bitcount ltd.

ClearTune is by far the winner in this category of apps. The price is not too high. The interface is to die for. The tuning is accurate. The developers even included customization options such as selectable temperaments, notations, transpositions, and tone waveform. ClearTune is the clear winner in this category of apps.

Notable Apps

Tuna Pitch - tune guitar, bass, banjo, cello, or other musical instrument

by Felt Tip Inc.

Tuna Pitch is a nice alternative to ClearTune. The interface is very unique and unlike anything we have seen in a tuning app before. All of the standard features are included plus some nice additional ones. These include 12 tone row tuning and upside down display options. Tuna Pitch is a slightly lower cost option that packs in some very cool features.


by Yonac Inc.

TuneORama is the must have app for string players. The developers have created a very accurate algorithm for plucked strings. The problem with many tuners is the requirement for a sustained pitch (which cannot happen with plucked instruments). The interface is a traditional one. Tuning is very accurate for wind instruments too. TuneORama is a wonderful option, especially for string players.

Pano Tuner - Chromatic Tuner

by Jung-gun Lim

Pano Tuner is your best low cost option for the iPhone. The main screen displays a very vintage looking tuner. The interface is very charming and beautiful. The display shows you everything you need to adjust your tuning. The settings let you customize the tuning and allow for solfedge instead of note names. Pano Tuner is a simply great option for those looking to spend only $0.99.

Pitch Pipe+

by Frozen Ape Pte. Ltd.

Pitch Pro is a different kind of tuning app. Instead of the app relying upon the mic, it plays a pitch. You tune your instrument to the pitch sounding. The interface is very nice and easy to operate. We would love if they would add in the traditional mic tuning techniques. Those looking for a simple pitch pipe tuner will love this one.

Decent Apps

Miso Music: Tuner

by Miso Media

Miso Tuner is a strobe tuner app for the iPhone and iPad. The interface would benefit from a different color scheme. The current coloring makes it difficult to tune. The settings let you adjust the reference pitch and range. Strobe tuners let you actually tune multiple notes at the same time, which is a great feature this app has. Miso Tuner is a nice low cost option for those looking for a strobe tuner.

D'Addario TuneUp

by D'Addario & Company, Inc.

ProTuner is a solid app. The design attempts to recreate multiple versions of a physical tuner. The interface shows off three different tuners. We would love if the developers tried to create something more original. What if a tuner was not based off of a physical device? A more imaginative interface would be fantastic. Those looking for a simple app version of their physical tuners will love this one.

Other Apps
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