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Word games

Word games can be wonderful exercise for the brain, no matter what age you are. Increasing your vocabulary and expanding your knowledge is a smart and fun hobby. Test your knowledge of words and their definitions by playing some of the word games that we have chosen for this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Words With Friends Pro

by Zynga Inc.

Words With Friends Pro is a favorite of many word game aficionados. This app is like the board game Scrabble. Play against your Facebook friends via Facebook connect, live pass-and-play, or get matched up with a random opponent. If you prefer to play for free (with ads) or use the iPad version, they are linked below.

Word Chums

by PeopleFun, Inc.

Build words with Word Chums. This game is both charming and a boost for your brain. Create your word puzzle, customize your "chum," and level up with experience points. You are able to select a friend from your contacts, pick a friend that you know via Word Chums usernames, play against random opponents, or battle a computer Chumbot. This app is universal, and there is also a free version linked below.

Letterpress – Word Game

by atebits

This word game is quite addictive, and a bit different. Letterpress presents you with a board full of letters and two colors, which the starting player builds a word from. The goal is to make as many words as you can, take over your opponent's "color," and gain higher points. You can choose color themes, play Game Center friends, or choose auto-match for a random opponent. Letterpress is a universal app.


by Zach Gage

Spelltower is a universal app described as being "a simple Scrabble/Boggle/Jumble clone." This addictive word puzzle game will keep you entertained for hours on end. Choose from one of five modes: tower, puzzle, extreme puzzle, rush, or debate. Sync your progress via iCloud.

Notable Apps

Word Science

by WildTangent, Inc.

If you enjoy being timed, Word Science is a great word game for you. I have enjoyed this app since its release, but do not play daily like many of the Essential apps listed here. There are four rows of tiles that move in opposing directions once the clock starts, along with five letters above. Build as many words as possible out of the moving rows of letters, then try to build a word for big points out of the five stationary letters. There are many options in this universal app, which is fun for children and adults.

Hanging With Friends

by Zynga Inc.

If you like the game Hangman, chances are you will enjoy playing Hanging With Friends. Made by the creators of Words With Friends, this app lets you create mystery words for others to guess. You must create an account through Facebook or Games With Friends. Once you have done so, you are able to play up to 20 games at once. Fun, bright, cartoonish graphics will captivate players of all ages. Challenge friends via Facebook Connect, play against others that you are friends with, or get matched up with a random opponent. This app is iPhone-only, but there is an iPad version linked below.


by Electronic Arts

Scrabble is a word game that we all know and love, adapted for your iPhone. Connect with friends to build your board, challenge others via Facebook, find a random opponent, or battle the computer. You may play up to 50 games at one time, which is a bit much, but great for those who like to keep busy. If you prefer an iPad or free version, I have linked them below.

The New York Times Crossword

by The New York Times Company

Do you enjoy crossword puzzles? The New York Times Crossword is a favorite that has been adapted from said newspaper. This universal app asks you to connect to or create an account in settings and Play Anywhere. You are given a seven day trial of daily puzzles, as well as access to the 4000-puzzle archive. Subscriptions range from $1.99 USD to $39.99 USD.

Decent Apps


by PopCap

This word search game has multiple modes. It is a fun, universal app made by the Bejeweled creators. It is a bit glitchy. Bookworm needs a current update, but is still fun to play.

Moxie 2

by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.

Construct word chains by changing one letter at a time. This sequel to the original Moxie game has its own lingo such as "twaddle" and "moxie words," along with daily puzzles. This universal app has not been updated since 2013, which is the only real drawback. The free and iPad versions are linked below.

Other Apps
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