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Apps To Have A Good Night Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Having difficulties finding that peaceful rest at the end of a long day? You are not alone. There are perhaps millions in your shoes. Let us walk you through how your iOS device can help you enjoy a good night sleep.


by Apple

To begin, you’ll want to make sure your kids (if you have any) get to sleep. Reading them a bedtime story is a great way to help them fall asleep. This is of course for young children. The iBookstore is loaded with child-appropriate books that you can download within seconds. Then, you can download some books for yourself to help you wind down after a long day.

Night Light FREE

by Victor Ren

Whether your kids need one or you need one, the Night Light FREE app turns your iOS device into a modern day night light. I would caution parents that children may start playing with your iDevice if you use it as a night light in their room.


by Netflix, Inc.

To get yourself in the mood for sleep, it can often be helpful to watch a movie or TV show. The Netflix app is here to help. As a member you’ll be able to stream literally thousands of movies and television shows.

Gratitude Rock - Journal / Diary of Positive Thoughts

by Energize Software

As a part of preparing your mind and body for bed it can be helpful to begin using a gratitude journal. Basically at the end of a day, write down what you are thankful for. To end the day with the peace and serenity that comes from having a thankful and grateful heart, you’ll find that sleep comes easier. Gratitude Rock is one app to help you do just that.

Bed Time Calculator

by Alec Sundet

An important factor in getting a rested body is knowing how long you need sleep and to have a regular sleeping schedule. Bed Time Calculator will calculate how much time you need for an effective sleep and inform you when a good time to wake up would be. Start getting enough sleep by starting up a regular schedule. You’ll be amazed how much more energy you will have.

Lutron Home Control+

by Lutron Electronics co., Inc.

An important aspect to a good night sleep is having the lights turned off and the temperature a bit cooler. The Lutron automation app can help you do that. Whether you use this app, others, or simply get up to turn off the lights and adjust your home's temperature by hand, it is important to do these things. Your body was made to go asleep when the sun goes down and rise when it rises. Turning off the lights and even computer monitors will help your body know it is time for bed.


by The National Center for Telehealth and Technology

There are many things you can do to help get your body relaxed and ready for bed, such as reading and journaling. Doing breathing exercises can put your body in an even further state of relaxation. This app will help you “breathe to relax”.

Yoga In Bed

by Pocket of Love

While many yoga classes will make you more awake, these exercises will help you fall asleep. There are some poses that are very relaxing and conducive to helping you fall asleep. The best ones are packed into this app, Yoga in Bed.

Foot Massage Map Free

by Xuan Chen

The foot is a very sensitive area of the body. Many do not know this, but if you and your partner take the time to learn the art of giving a good a foot massage, you may find yourselves falling asleep more quickly than ever. The Foot Massage Map Free app maps out where the different sensory inputs on your foot are. There are several good foot massage apps out there and this is just one of them.

pzizz sleep

by pzizz technology limited

Now that you are ready for sleep it is time to fire up Pzizz. Pzizz uses a cool technology to make unique sleep audio tracks every night. You can opt to have a voice guide you to sleep or have just the ambient sounds. While many like sleeping in silence, some may really benefit from the guidance of Pzizz.

Naturespace: Relax Meditate Escape Sleep (3D Sound - The most effective audio therapy for stress relief, sleeping, relaxation and meditation)

by Holographic Audio Theater

Naturespace is an alternative to Pzizz. Have you ever camped outside and experienced the joys of the natural sounds you’ll hear at night? If so, you’ll appreciate how wonderful this app is. Packed with tons of different tracks, there is something for everybody. Grab this one today and experience the soothing sounds of mother nature.

Amazon Mobile

by AMZN Mobile LLC

If all of the things recommended above aren’t doing the trick, you may need to beef up your pillows, blankets, mattress, and other physical tools and comfort items you use to sleep. Whatever you need to buy, Amazon will have it.

Night Stand HD - Alarm Clock

by SpoonJuice

Some may like to have a clock by their bed. Your iPad or iPhone can become that modern day night stand with this app. You’ll be able to change the look of your night stand every night if you so desire. An alarm is also included in this wonderful app.

Sleep Calculator

by Canny Technologies (Hyderabad) Private Limited

If you are a bad sleeper and have wondered what you are missing out on this app will show you. Simply enter how much sleep you get, how long it takes for you to fall asleep, how many times you wake up, and how long you stay awake and this app will compute some cool tidbits for you. Hopefully you won’t need to use this app thanks to the multitude of apps mentioned in this AppList to help you get a good night sleep.