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AppAdvice's Week In Review

Will the next iPhone arrive in June? Will Apple begin offering their own cellular service? The Verizon/Apple love affair over? Steve Jobs as FDR? These and other topics made news in the week that was.

If You're A Metal Expert, Get Yourself To Cupertino Now!

Apple is hiring! If you're a metal expert (and we really mean "expert"), then send your résumé to Cupertino and keep your fingers crossed! Because Apple has posted a new job vacancy on its site following the company's growing interest in "Liquidmetal." Read on to find out what the position requires!

Joe White

Apple Already Using Liquidmetal For The iPhone – Guess Where?

After unveiling it last week, Cult of the Mac has been actively digging out everything it can about Apple's latest technology acquisition; Liquidmetal. This week, they claim that this crazy alloy that came from space to make your next iPhone bendable or who-knows-what (and might or might not help with the Antenna issue) has already been used by Apple.

Alexander Vaughn