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5 Great Apple TV Apps for Kids

March 17, 2023

Whether you would like your kids to experience an engaging interactive story at bedtime or an educational and exciting trip to outer space, this super-duper list of apps for children has you covered.

Sago Mini Forest Flyer TV

Sago Mini Forest Flyer TV

For children ages 2 to 5, Sago Mini Forest Flyer TV provides a journey of exploration. Kids can reveal fun animations as they fly Robin through the forest sky.

Sago Mini Forest Flyer TV is a bright and bubbly game of discovery for your toddlers and preschoolers. As they fly the tiny bird Robin about, they will guide him to the yellow stars to uncover amusing animations. Your little ones will help him meet lovable friends, nibble on yummy treats, and even dance and sing. For a lighthearted and neat adventure, without the pressures of scoring or time limits, this is a wonderful way for kids to have fun on the Apple TV.

The app is only for the Apple TV and is $2.99.

Foodo World

Foodo World

Foodo World Foodo World

Foodo World takes your children ages 5 and under on an enchanting journey with over 100 animations to learn about kindness, empathy, and warmth.

In Foodo World, your children will travel with the adorable, purple monster through the forest and into the sky on Apple TV. The app is full of surprises, delightful friends, and is easy enough for your little ones to play with on their own. Your kids will enjoy this journey where they learn about compassion and caring in a captivating environment.

For a charming experience that teaches about kind-heartedness, Foodo World will take your little ones on a memorable journey.

Along with the Apple TV, the app is for the iPhone and iPad. It’s a $0.99 download.



IDEOko Balloonimals brings the fascination of balloon animals to Apple TV. Using the remote your kids can inflate different animals and then see them bounce around on the screen. When it is time to move onto the next animal, just click to make the current one pop. For a lighthearted, fun way to giggle with your little one, check out IDEOko Balloonimals.

You can download the Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad app for $1.99.

Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo

Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo

Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo is a cute story of a boy who starts out sad when he loses his coin at the zoo. But, the coin goes on a magnificent adventure seeing lions, monkeys, and elephants galore. The graphics are unique, made from fabrics and textures. With animal toys to collect after the story, two different narrators, and highlighted words to follow along, this app on Apple TV provides a delightful experience.

For the Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad, the app is $2.99.

This is my Spacecraft – Rocket Science for Kids is an experience for Apple TV that shows kids what it is like to be an astronaut. The app has facts about the space science, an intuitive interface, and is suitable for all ages.

Who hasn’t dreamt of being an astronaut? This is my Spacecraft – Rocket Science for Kids lets your children see what it is like to fly through space. They will see how astronauts eat and sleep, learn fun facts about space and the solar system, and explore the vast universe in all its glory on Apple TV. With original illustrations, relaxed play, and entertaining learning, this is a terrific app for the big screen.

For the Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, the app is $2.99.