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How to improve Apple iPad sales in 3 simple steps

It's time for Apple to rethink its iPad line.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth runs afoul of App Store rules

The latest chapter in this game's saga brings up an excellent question about Apple's App Store Review Guidelines.

Tim Cook's tweeted Super Bowl 50 photo attracts hecklers

Look, even Apple CEOs can have problems getting good pictures.

UK retailer Currys & PC World offering huge discounts on Apple Watch models

In Britain, a great deal on the Apple Watch is currently being advertised by Currys & PC World.

Why doesn't iTunes Movie Trailers support iOS 9 multitasking?

You'd think Apple would do everything it expects developers to do, wouldn't you?

Having your Home button replaced could brick your iPhone

The mysterious "Error 53" renders your iOS device worthless.

Pocket's latest update adds customization options for Premium subscribers

Pocket Premium users can now customize their reading experience as of Pocket's latest update.

Apple Watch owner wins court case over cracked screen

His cracked Watch face ended in small claims court.

March might bring new iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch bands

The next Apple event is rumored to be coming in mid-March, with updates to several product categories.

Apple may already be testing dual cameras for the 'iPhone 7'

If sources are correct, Cupertino already has dual-camera samples to test in the "iPhone 7."

Review: Pad & Quill's Lowry Cuff offers a great alternative to the Hermès classic

Apple Watch owners should consider taking a look at Pad & Quill's Lowry Cuff. It's a great band.

Maybe $100 was too much to pay for an Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil could soon become less useful.

Apple may be working with Hollywood on its own TV shows

New reports indicate that an Apple-branded television series may be in the works.

Big changes are coming to Apple's iPad this spring

If you're in the market for a new iPad, you better read this right now.

Oh iTunes, why have you forsaken the Apple TV?

As great as the new Apple TV is, discovering content for it is still a chore.

The 'iPhone 7' could feature the the best camera to date

The latest investors' note from a respected analyst discusses the dual-camera setup.

The real reason Apple is about to release another 4-inch iPhone

The "iPhone 5se" could arrive in March, and for a very good reason.

Apple Pay may launch for Barclays customers as soon as March

After months of delays, a possible launch date is in sight for Barclays' Apple Pay support.

Check out iCloud Photo Library support in the Apple TV beta

We've got a sneak peak at what iCloud Photo Library support will look like on the new Apple TV.

Numbers to consider ahead of Apple's first quarter FY 2016 earnings call

With Apple's latest earnings call coming up, here are some numbers to think about.