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Fight desperately to stop the zombie apocalypse in Hero Forces

Get ready to blow away zombies in this first-person shooter's latest update.

Go on a holiday warfare spree in Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Shout "Ho, ho, ho" as you kill off your opponents in this latest update.

You have to be precise with Kill Shot, a new sniping game from Hothead Games

Are you quick and accurate enough for the challenging missions in Kill Shot?

The popular FPS game BioShock is out on iOS, but is it any good?

Is BioShock on iOS worth the shocking price, or should you stick to playing it on a console or PC?

This 8-Bit Sky Survival Island Game Is A Throwback To First Person Shooters

Fight to be the last one on Sky Survival Island in this fun, 8-bit app.

Get Ready To Shoot Almost Anything In Shooting Showdown 2

The sequel to the original Shooting Showdown is better than you might expect.

Gun Zombie 2 Blasts Into The US App Store, Offers 'Intense' Shooting Experience For iOS

Gun Zombie 2, the latest iOS app from Glu Games, has launched in the U.S. App Store.

Neon Shadow Can Sate Your FPS Cravings On iOS

Crescent Moon Games' Neon Shadow should be a delight for any FPS fan.

Updated AppGuide: First Person Shooter Games

Kill some time with these fantastic first person shooter games on your iDevice.

You Have To Be Quick, Aggressive, And Defensive As You Protect Your Block Fortress

Can't decide between Minecraft, tower defense, or first person shooters? Why choose when you can have them all in Block Fortress?

Quirky App Of The Day: Killing Time Classic Is A Great Way To Waste Some Time

Kill your stick figure opponents with amazing weapons and unlock new locations with your hard-earned points.

AppGuide Updated: First Person Shooter Games

Ever want to solve World Crisis on the go? Click here to find out our favourite iOS first person shooters.

Sneak Up On Your Enemies Or Obliterate Them As You Escape Jail In Legendary Outlaw

A first person shooter (FPS) game where you rise in notoriety by escaping from prison and putting down anyone who tries to stop you. You can perform frontal assaults or opt to strike from the shadows.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Is Here — But Is It Zombie FPS Done Right?

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is another iOS installment of the popular console games.

You'll Want To Aim For The Head To Stay Alive In Deadly Zombies Attack

Deadly Zombies Attack is a first-person shooter that has you walking through zombie-infested buildings. You'll need to clear the path by dispatching them all with headshots.

Step Into The Mysterious World Of Dark Meadow And You'll Never Look Back

Dark Meadow is a little bit of everything all rolled into one. You won't want to miss this amazing iOS gaming experience!

Modern Combat 3 Puts A Robust Multiplayer Experience In Your Pocket

Gameloft has made a name for itself by bringing the essence of various console games to iOS, and with Modern Combat 3, they have largely succeeded.

Relentlessly Hunt Down The Enemy In Full 3D In Warm Gun

Warm Gun is a first person shooter (FPS) with full three-dimensional graphics that rival those found on a computer. You’ll be facing off in one of five wonderfully detailed post-apocalyptic environments.

Steampunk FPS Game Set In The Wild Wild West Coming Soon

If you enjoy multiplayer-based, first-person shooters, check out the trailer for Emotional Robots' upcoming game, Warm Gun. Warm Gun is set in the wild wild west, but also mixes in some sci-fi-based elements and special effects from another era. The art style is also very steampunk-like. Look for it sometime this month.

New Website Created For The Dark Meadow Along With A Teaser

A new website and teaser have been created for the upcoming iOS horror FPS game, The Dark Meadow. The game is powered by the Unreal Engine and will offer stunning graphics. Look for the release sometime this month.

First Mac FPS Is Back

This 1994 first-person shooter was the Mac's answer to PC FPS games like "Doom."

Bring On The Dead With Dead Raid!

Dead Raid is a area defense game that uses the gyroscope in your iPhone or iPad, with unlimited levels, and tonnes of unlocks.

AppGuide Updated: First Person Shooters

For ages, people have been enjoying first person shooters on their game consoles of their choice. For the last few years, you can now enjoy that type of experience with the iDevice in your pocket. This updated AppGuide, with the addition of Dead Space and its fantastic Survival Mode, will help you find the best First Person Shooters in the app store, just like the ones you enjoy so much on a game console.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Now Available For iPad

The hit first-person shooter based on modern wars is now available on the iPad. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 offers both single player and multiplayer fighting action. Players can also control multiple vehicles and fire explosives, like RPGs, to make their enemies suffer.