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Steampunk FPS Game Set In The Wild Wild West Coming Soon

If you enjoy multiplayer-based, first-person shooters, check out the trailer for Emotional Robots' upcoming game, Warm Gun. Warm Gun is set in the wild wild west, but also mixes in some sci-fi-based elements and special effects from another era. The art style is also very steampunk-like. Look for it sometime this month.

Mike Lata

For ages, people have been enjoying first person shooters on their game consoles of their choice. For the last few years, you can now enjoy that type of experience with the iDevice in your pocket. This updated AppGuide, with the addition of Dead Space and its fantastic Survival Mode, will help you find the best First Person Shooters in the app store, just like the ones you enjoy so much on a game console.

Greg Sapienza

The hit first-person shooter based on modern wars is now available on the iPad. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 offers both single player and multiplayer fighting action. Players can also control multiple vehicles and fire explosives, like RPGs, to make their enemies suffer.

Mike Lata