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How to improve Apple iPad sales in 3 simple steps

It's time for Apple to rethink its iPad line.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth runs afoul of App Store rules

The latest chapter in this game's saga brings up an excellent question about Apple's App Store Review Guidelines.

Numbers to consider ahead of Apple's first quarter FY 2016 earnings call

With Apple's latest earnings call coming up, here are some numbers to think about.

Would a President Trump stifle Apple’s innovation?

The presidential front-runner wants to force Apple to build its products in the United States.

What’s wrong with Apple’s Touch ID?

As beautiful as iOS is, some things just don't make any sense.

Apple might be developing a 'Move to Android' app

If the rumors are true, moving from iOS to Android might get easier.

Apple adds two new creative workshops to its repertoire

Apple is ringing in the New Year with some fresh workshops for photographers and artists.

Can you stop the Silly Saucers from taking over earth?

This fast-paced casual game will have you dashing back for more.

Rock out in style with Activision's Guitar Hero Live controller

How fun is it to play Guitar Hero Live with this controller?

AlwaysOnline offers global short-term contracts for Apple SIM

AlwaysOnline offers a different approach to 4G LTE contracts for Apple SIM users.

How can I clear my iPhone's memory without rebooting?

If your iOS device is misbehaving, this trick will free up memory without needing to reboot.

The British government could give iPads to its prisoners

To bolster education behind bars, Apple's iPads could soon be in the hands of British prisoners.

Reduce cable clutter and charge your iOS devices with AllDock

This gorgeous docking station holds all of your devices, with the cables neatly hidden away.

New Ulysses beta brings the text editor to the iPhone

In the latest testing version, the popular text editor arrives on the iPhone.

Get your gaming on the right way with the SteelSeries Nimbus

This MFi controller is an excellent choice for gaming on iOS or the new Apple TV.

Don't expect a hybrid between MacBooks and iPads anytime soon

If you're holding out for a converged tablet and MacBook, it's not happening anytime soon, Apple says.

Apple promotes apps and games for iPad Pro on App Store

Apple has just launched a couple of new featured sections on the App Store highlighting apps and games for the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is like 1984 all over again

The iPad Pro is the beginning of a new age in computing, one that seems foreign today, but will be the norm in just a few years.

Popular screen brightness app f.lux is now available for iOS

If you want your iOS screen to adapt to changing daylight conditions, there's a way to make that happen.

Surprise: You can already get the iPad Pro at an Apple Store

Contrary to expectations, Apple has also made the iPad Pro available to pick up in its retail stores today.

Apple now accepting online orders for iPad Pro

Preorders for the iPad Pro have begun today, Nov. 11.

Apple's new ad suggests 'A Great Big Universe' awaits on iPad Pro

Apple has just debuted a new TV ad for the iPad Pro, ahead of the device’s launch later this week.

Cupertino, we have a Touch ID problem on iOS 9.1

With the latest version of iOS, many users are having problems with an important security feature.

Enjoy the Titanfall universe on your iPhone or iPad in 2016

It may not be a first-person shooter, but it will still be Titanfall.