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iphone 5s

Apple's annoying popup ads prompt iPhone 6s upgrades

Apple has taken a new, aggressive approach to encouraging upgrades to its latest handset.

Nearly confirmed: The 4-inch ‘iPhone 6c’ is coming next spring

A well-connected analyst has issued more predictions for the upcoming "iPhone 6c."

A bug affects Wallet after restoring iPhone 6s from iPhone 5

If you've switched from the iPhone 5 era of devices to an iPhone 6s, you might be plagued by a crippling display glitch.

The best Apple iOS devices to buy right now and the ones to avoid

Some current iOS devices are best left on store shelves.

Apple is about to overtake Nokia in worldwide mobile phone sales

Apple could soon become the No. 2 mobile phone provider in the world.

Best Buy offering holiday discounts of up to $100 on iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3

If you’re looking to own or gift an iPad Air 2 or an iPad mini 3 this holiday season, you might want to buy from Best Buy right now.

T-Mobile's Cyber Monday deals include free memory upgrades on iPhone 6, 5s and 5c

This Cyber Monday, T-Mobile is offering a “free memory upgrade” with every purchase of a qualifying iPhone.

Apple to ship more than 71 million iPhones during 2014 holiday quarter, analyst says

Apple is predicted to ship more than 71 million iPhones in the fourth quarter of 2014 but fewer than 50 million units in the first quarter of 2015.

Walmart starts Black Friday sales a week early with iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 deals

For the second year running, Walmart is kicking off its Black Friday offers a week early.

Is iOS 8 causing problems or running well on your iOS devices?

Apple's iOS 8 update isn't sitting well with some iPhone owners.

Verizon ‘retires’ the 32 GB iPhone 5c ahead of Apple’s ‘iPhone 6’ launch

Apple's 2014 iPhone event is likely to be held on Sept. 9.

Ahead of 'iPhone 6' unveiling, Walmart offers further discounts on current iPhones

Walmart has begun offering significant discounts on current iPhone models.

Apple's 'Misunderstood' TV ad for iPhone 5s wins Emmy for Outstanding Commercial

Apple has just won an Emmy award for Outstanding Commercial for its holiday-themed TV ad for the iPhone 5s.

A new infographic puts the popularity of Apple's iPhone and iPad into perspective

The iPhone and iPad are two of the "10 Best-Selling Products In The World."

Apple Stores are now replacing iPhone 5s screens on-site

As expected, Apple is now replacing iPhone 5s screens in Apple Retail Stores.

Apple's new ad showcases how the iPhone 5s helps people live their 'Dreams'

Apple has just debuted a new TV ad for the iPhone 5s, titled "Dreams."

Apple to soon offer iPhone 5s screen replacements

Apple is expected to begin offering iPhone 5s screen replacements beginning Aug. 4.

The Apple iPhone 5s remains the world's most popular smartphone

Through the end of May, the iPhone 5s remained the world's most popular smartphone.

The ‘iPhone 6’ Color Choices Are Familiar

The "iPhone 6" will look like its predecessor in at least one way.

Target Is Offering Great Deals On Apple iPhones And iPads

Target is offering huge discounts on current iOS devices.

Samsung Calls iPhone Users 'Wall Huggers' In New Ad

Apple iPhone users are "wall huggers" according to Samsung.

How Many iPhones Did Apple Sell During The Third Quarter?

Cupertino will report the results of its third quarter on Monday, July 22.

Report: Don't Believe Everything You've Seen On The Many 'iPhone 6' Mockups

Recent "iPhone 6" mockups only give "a rough idea of the final product."