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iphone 6

Having your Home button replaced could brick your iPhone

The mysterious "Error 53" renders your iOS device worthless.

Christmas definitely brought a lot of new iPhone 6/6s users

According to recent data, the iPhone seems to be in the hands of a lot of new customers this Christmas period.

Apple releases first ever official battery case for iPhone

Apple has just released an all-new battery case for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s.

Nearly two-thirds of the US's 100 million iPhones are 6 or 6s handsets

Apple's newer iPhone handsets are impressively popular among iPhone owners in the United States.

Bluetooth 4.2 support comes to iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iPad Air 2

Apple seems to have silently updated the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and iPad Air 2's support for Bluetooth.

AT&T's iPhone 6 Wi-Fi Calling is a go, but it still whines

AT&T may have been granted its TTY petition, but that isn't stopping the carrier from complaining.

Gazelle wants to sell you the iPhone 6 for less than Apple

If you're looking to upgrade to the iPhone 6, look for a deal here.

How can I trade up to the next iPhone if I'm on AT&T Next?

If you want to know how to upgrade to the next iPhone set to be released, we've got the skinny on how that works under AT&T's Next plan.

Next-generation iPhone found to use stronger aluminum alloy

New testing of the supposed next-generation iPhone case shows considerably more strength.

T-Mobile adds Apple Music to its 'Un-carrier’ mix

Will T-Mobile's latest additions to the "Un-carrier" offers be enough to make you switch?

Snag a great deal on an iPad Air 2 at Best Buy

During the retailer’s Black Friday in July promotion, every Wi-Fi model of the tablet is $125 off retail price.

Apple Pay is now supported by more than 300 financial institutions

The new financial partners include regional banks and credit unions from Georgia to California.

The list of supported Apple Pay merchants, cards and apps for May 2015

Here are the latest merchants, cards, and apps that support Apple's mobile payment system.

CalypsoPad takes the wobble out of putting your iPhone 6 down

If you are constantly annoyed by the way your iPhone 6 wiggles when you use it on a flat surface, check out this new product by Calypso.

4 easy tricks to get going again when things don't work on your iPhone or iPad

Four easy tricks to get things going when your iPhone gets buggy.

Android smartphone profits fall to a new low as Apple's iOS dominates

Android smartphone profits fall, as Apple continues to celebrate.

The best Apple iOS devices to buy right now and the ones to avoid

Some current iOS devices are best left on store shelves.