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lightning connector

Don't do it, Apple, leave the headphone jack alone

A large number of consumers are speaking out against the rumored removal of the headphone jack from the iPhone.

The Lightning-connected Gamevice is coming soon to the iPhone

This controller works great on the iPad mini, and should be a terrific companion to your iPhone.

Apple surprises everyone with a refreshed Lightning dock

A new Apple Lightning dock makes us wonder whether Apple is really going to switch everything to USB-C or not.

Apple To Add HD Audio Playback With iOS 8, New In-Ear Headphones

Apple is set to bring higher-quality audio playback to iOS 8, and is making two related hardware developments.

AppAdvice International: China Mobile, Lightning Connectors, Sky Sports And More

Check out this week's edition of AppAdvice International.

EU Could Force Apple To Alter Its Lightning Connector For iDevices

Could Apple be forced to alter its Lightning connector in Europe?

Chinese Firm 'Permanently' Cracks The Lightning Connector Authentication Check In iOS 7

The company, iPhone5mod, is offering a money-back guarantee that its cables will work with the final version of iOS 7.

The Daily Brick Expands Its Line Of LEGO Docks With An iPad Version

The dock, made from 79 different bricks, thankfully comes with building instructions.

Scosche Introduces Slate Of Lightning-Compatible Chargers

Along with new 12W car and wall chargers, Scosche's retractable Lightning cable can be purchased now.

Soundfreaq Is The Newest Manufacturer To Unveil Speakers With A Lightning Connector

One of my favorite audio manufacturers, Soundfreaq, has just announced a slate of new products that will hit the market in 2013.

Bose Introduces Lightning-Compatible SoundDock

The SoundDock Series III is compatible with the iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch, and seventh-generation iPod nano.

Griffin Launches Their First Lightning Connector Cables

Accessory maker Griffin is about to release four new Lightning Connector cables for the iPhone 5, iPad with Retina display, and iPad mini.

Want To Use 30-Pin Accessories With The iPad mini? You’ll Need An Adapter

If you plan on using any 30-pin accessories on the iPad mini, you’re going to need to purchase the Lightning to 30-pin adapter from Apple.

Lightning Cable Spills Security Secrets During Teardown

An interesting teardown of the Apple Lightning cable, by Chipworks, seems to confirm that the new technology does have some amount of security.

Unauthorized Third-Party Lightning Accessories Begin To Appear

The cable and dock were being offered by a Chinese manufacturer until its site was taken offline for unknown reasons.

Costly Lightning Adapters Finally Begin To Ship

Apple is finally shipping those expensive Lightning to 30-pin adapters.

Third-Party Manufacturer Fills Void With Lightning Dock

While Apple is passing on developing a Lightning-enabled dock for the iPhone 5, an inventive third-party manufacturer has swooped in to save the day.

Apple Making It Even More Difficult For Third-Party Manufacturers To Produce Lightning Connectors

A report says that only Apple-approved manufacturing facilities will be allowed to make third-party Lightning connectors.

Chinese Hard At Work Trying To Crack Lightning Cable, Chip

It will be two months or more before third-party manufacturers will be offering their versions of the Lightning cable.

Third-Party Manufacturers Already Selling Lightning Adapters On Amazon, eBay

Third-party manufacturers are already hawking their own versions of the 30-pin adapters for the Lightning dock port on the iPhone 5. But buyer beware.

New Lightning Connector May Support USB Hosting

There may be some good news about the smaller Lightning dock connector on the iPhone 5.

Details Leak Surrounding Apple’s New Headphones And 9-Pin Dock Connector

Apparently Apple's new headphones and 9-pin dock connector have been given some clever names.