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mac mini

'Little birdies' say Apple won't hold an October iPad event

Could it be true that Apple will only hold one event during the fall of 2015?

Op-Ed: No surprises at Apple's iPad media event, but we’re okay with that

Here's what we thought of Apple's media event.

Today's Mac mini update includes faster Wi-Fi, better processors, new I/O

Along with much-needed improvements of the internals, the base model will also come at a reduced price.

Apple is likely to release a new Mac mini and 27-inch iMac

We can expect a new Mac mini and 27-inch iMac before the end of the year.

AppAdvice International: Price Drops, Music Streaming In Britain And More

This week, we're looking at some of Apple's international price drops, music streaming in Britain, and some international app news.

6 Apple Products Just Itching For An Update

These six Apple products could receive an update later this year -- or not.

Refreshed Mac mini Said To Be Incoming As Mac Pro Online Orders Slip

Apple looks set to refresh its Mac mini computer, adding Intel Haswell processors and making a number of other changes.

Things Apple Missed At This Week's iPad Event

There were a few things Apple didn't cover this week.

Apple Is Live Streaming Today's Event

It would appear that Apple is planning on offering a live stream of today's iPad media event.

Is Apple Working On An October Surprise?

Things could prove interesting in the next few weeks in the world of Apple.

The 2012 Mac mini Is One Powerful Little Box

Apple has just announced the revamped 2012 Mac mini. This little box packs some powerful internal components, but still remains the cheapest Mac your money can buy.

Apple's 'iPad mini' Event Also To See Revamped Mac mini?

Could Apple launch a revamped Mac mini alongside the rumored iPad mini at its expected Oct. 23 event?

Apple's Magic Touch

The masters of touch computing are on course to let you control every device they make, simply by touch. While that sounds cool, what does Apple really have up their sleeve?