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In iOS 8, Apple's Mail Adds New Gesturing Tools

New tools are set to arrive in iOS Mail.

Popular Jailbreak Dev Releases A Tweak That Patches The Mail App's Encryption Bug

Jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich has patched the Mail app's encryption bug.

Cydia Tweak: MailUnlimitedPhotos Lifts The 5 Photo Email Limit On iOS

This new jailbreak tweak lets users lift the Mail app's most annoying restriction at no cost.

Can't Wait For A Mavericks Update? This Fix Could Help Your Mac's Mail App

Is your Mavericks-powered Mac suffering a Mail app problem? This fix could help.

Replace Apple's Native Apps With These iPhone App Alternatives

Kick those Apple apps to the second screen and replace them with these killer upgrades.

AppAdvice Daily: Comparing iOS 6 And iOS 7 Native Apps

Check out how the native apps in iOS 6 look next to the redesigned ones in iOS 7 on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Cydia Tweak: Manage Mail, Reminders And More From Notification Center

One new jailbreak tweak called Overview can add an impressive widget to a jailbroken iDevice's Notification Center.

How To Delete Recent Email Contacts

When you create a new email on your iOS device and begin to type in a recipient, you may notice iOS automatically populating email addresses. These recent addresses are a combination of your contacts and people you’ve recently emailed.

The Group Email! Mail Client Adds Many Of The Tools Apple Still Seems To Forget

Do you find that Apple's Mail app continues to lack key functionality? Take a look at Group Email!

New In iOS 6: How To Set Custom Notifications And Alerts For Each Mailbox

Now in iOS 6 you have the ability to set custom Notifications and Alerts for each mailbox. This is a great feature for those with multiple email accounts on one device.

How To Sync Google Contacts With Your iPhone

If you’ve just made the switch to iPhone, or would like to have your Google contacts on an iOS device, there’s an easy way to get everything in sync.

Apple Demoes Improved Mail App At Its iPhone Event

Speaking from the company's currently-ongoing iPhone event at the Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco, Scott Forstall has shown-off some of the new features added to the built-in Mail app in iOS 6.

Dear Mail, Isn't It About Time You Grew Up?

Dear Mail app: Is that asking too much for you to grow up?

Apple Updates Its Apps

Apple announced several major and not-so-major updates to its apps at WWDC today.

Jailbreak Only: AllMail - Adds Options For "All Mail" To The Mail Application

A jailbreak tweak called "AllMail" allows Apple fans to interact with all available emails in the built-in Mail app.

Posted Makes Parcel Tracking Easy

Always know the status of your package, keep up to date with incoming shipments with Posted. Notifications delivered to your phone instead of you having to check yourself.

Apple Gives Mail App A Makeover In iOS 5

Apple has just announced major improvements to the Mail app, which will feature in iOS 5.

Does Apple's Mail App For iPad Have A Subject Line Caching Bug?

Earlier today, we received a tip for an oddity that I can admit to never hearing about before; a Mail phenomenon that stamps the wrong subject line into emails.

iOS 101: Configuring Email - The Power Of Push

If you’re new to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then you’ve probably got over a hundred questions regarding your shiny, new device. Here at AppAdvice, we strive to answer them one question at a time, each and every day. This is iOS 101, and class is about to begin.

Jailbreak Only: Pull To Refresh Comes To Mail App At Last

It's been months since we first heard about the arrival of a jailbreak tweak that would bring the pull to refresh metaphor to the iPhone's native mail app. Well, we're glad to tell you that it has finally seen the light, and is now available for download.

QuickAdvice: Mailroom - All Of Your Gmail In One Place

Do you manage more than one Gmail or Google Apps account? Do you prefer Google's way of email management over the lackluster Mail on your iPhone? Mailroom could find a place on your iPhone. Is it worth the money? Read on to learn more.

How To: Import A Custom Voicemail Greeting To Your iPhone

If you have an audio file that you would like to use as your voicemail ringtone, you can find out with this step by step tutorial! The first couple steps are pretty simple but the last step can get be tricky so just make sure you follow along and you should be fine.

How To: Post A Map Of Your GPS Track To Your Blog

Have you ever wanted to share a map of your GPS tracks on your blog? With a few apps on your iPhone, you can do just that and within seconds of completing your track too!