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Utilize your iPad's huge screen in these multiplayer games

Enjoy these multiplayer games on your iPad.

Multiplayer racing game Tiny Runners: BOOM! explodes with fun

This hectic 3-D racing game is full of commotion and all about the strategy.

Crossly is undoubtedly the best multiplayer crossword game for iPhone

This word game brings the best of Letterpress to crossword puzzles.

Retro arcade game Astro Duel is a multiplayer hit for the iPad

Get up to four people in on this galactic war with your iPad, additional iPhones, or MFi controllers.

A Few Billion Square Tiles takes Minesweeper to a multiplayer scale

Looking for a new take on Minesweeper? This online multiplayer version makes the classic game more social and less stressful.

Forget Hungry Hippos And Join In The Bubble Fish Party On Your iOS Device

Bulkypix's latest game, Bubble Fish Party, is an app that the whole family can enjoy.

AppAdvice Daily: Get Sporty With New Apps And An Accessory, Plus A Gift Card Giveaway

Put on your helmet and grab your iPhone because we are getting sporty with new apps and accessories on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Find Out How Good You Are At Sorting Out The Facts In Sortle

Sortle is a turn-based online puzzle game where you get to show off your sorting skills.

Paper Vs Paper, What, No Rocks Or Scissors?

Battle head-to-head against your buddy in real time in this two-player tabletop base defense game.

More Players = More Fun On Your iPad

The iPad's bigger screen is perfect for these great multiplayer games!

Don’t Get Outwitted By These Outwitters

Play against friends or strangers in Game Center with this turn-based strategy game from the makers of Tilt to Live.

Challenge Your Friends To A Game Of ExQuizit- The World’s Biggest Quiz

Grab some friends and play this trivia quiz game to see who has the most knowledge about sports and geography.

Play A Casual Game Of Capture The Flag In Foot Quest

While the essence of capture the flag is here, is that enough to make this a compelling game?.

Modern Combat 3 Puts A Robust Multiplayer Experience In Your Pocket

Gameloft has made a name for itself by bringing the essence of various console games to iOS, and with Modern Combat 3, they have largely succeeded.

Assassinate Your Friends In Assassin's Creed Rearmed

Ubisoft brings the unique Assassin's Creed style of multiplayer action back to the iPhone.

Match-Three Gaming Raised To The Next Level With SotA - Stele Of The Ancients

SotA - Stele Of The Ancients is a match-three style game with loads of extra features to add more excitement, and to challenge your abilities. With online multiplayer gaming capabilities, you can finally go head to head with your Game Center rivals.

New AppList: Multi-Player iPhone Games

iOS 3.0 brought P2P gaming to iOS, letting you play against your friends over Bluetooth or WiFi. Here are some of the best apps that take advantage of that capability.

Gun Bros Updated, Adds Game Center Multiplayer

The popular, free universal iOS app, Gun Bros, has recently been updated. Now, in the latest version of the application (2.0.0) players can take advantage of an online multiplayer mode (via Game Center), more rewards and the ability to purchase more "bros" and earn more war bucks.

Ball Frenzy - A Puzzle Game In Disguise

The most important thing you need to know about Ball Frenzy is that despite its appearance, it's not really a soccer game. In fact, according to its developer, the application encompasses aspects of marbles, pool, soccer and bowling.

Doodle Jump Updated: Adds Three New Multiplayer Achievements

Lima Sky's popular iOS app, Doodle Jump ($0.99), has recently been updated. Now, fans of the app can earn three new achievements in the app's recently added multiplayer mode.

"Sketch Hockey" Is No Regular Air Hockey Experience

"Sketch Hockey" by N3Infinity is a well-executed, fun, replayable take on the casual iOS air hockey circuit.

Par Out Golf: A Golf Game For The Rest Of Us

If you are not an avid golfer and don't usually buy golf games, don't use that excuse to blow this one off. It's unique and enjoyable and you don't even have to know about clubs to play it well.

Prose With Bros Is Pro Like Whoa, Bro

"Prose With Bros" is a dynamic word game with humor and style.

Fieldrunners For iPad Updated: Adds Multiplayer, New Towers, New Maps, And New Fieldrunners

The popular tower defense game, Fieldrunners for iPad, has just received a major update. Now, fans of the app can enjoy a variety of new apps, new towers, and a new multiplayer mode. Read on to find out more ...