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Abantus Saga 2 is a space-based, line-matching puzzler

This space-based puzzler will keep you on your toes matching lines.

Can you find your way out of the asteroid maze in Captain Cowboy?

Don't let greed get the best of you as you try and find your way out of a labyrinth in Captain Cowboy.

Merge bears and unravel a heartfelt story in Puzzle Bear

Get your weekly fix of cute puzzles in this challenging new game.

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build is a charming puzzle game

For this cute monster, building a snowman is much harder than it looks.

Roll to recover Captain Quill's hat in Tilt: Quill's Quandary

Tilt: Quill's Quandary is a new physics-based puzzle game that will win you over with a cute hedgehog.

Can you master the art of sliding blocks in BLOCnog?

Slide the blocks and getting them to the target is easier said than done in this fun puzzle game.

Restore harmony to the world in Maestria, a beautiful puzzler

While Maestria looks like to Monument Valley, that's where the similarities end in this unique puzzle game.

Line them up and match away in Let's Twist

Let's Twist is a unique arcade matching game that will keep you entertained.

Spin and tap to make matches in a puzzling Sea of Squares

Sea of Squares is a fun puzzle game that is harder than it looks.

Help the vampire get home and avoid the hunters in Lamp And Vamp, a tactical roguelike adventure

The shadows are the key to survival in this strategic roguelike game.

Give your brain a workout with Noda, a challenging math puzzle

Noda is a challenging math puzzle game that will keep your brain stimulated.

Get another serving of puzzle platforming adventure in They Need To Be Fed 3

It's feeding time, and you're the meal! They Need To Be Fed 3 serves up another helping of satisfying puzzle platforming fun.

Test your color knowledge in Colorbars, a new match-three puzzle game

Do you really know your colors? Find out in the stimulating Colorbars.

The popular Bicolor gets updated to add more minimalistic levels

Bicolor, the minimalistic puzzler, has received a nice update adding new content to the universal app.

Hyper Square Is A Fast-Paced Arcade Game That Really Tests Your Reflexes

There's no time for hesitation in this fast-paced reflex game.

It's Eat O' Clock For The Hungry Animals In Feeding Time, An Addictive Matching Puzzle Game

These adorable animals are hungry, and it's up to you to feed them in this addictive puzzler.

Match To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse In Zombie Puzzle Panic

Put your match-three skills to the test as you fight for survival in a zombie-filled world.

Use Your Mind To Mix Colors And Paint In Watercolors, A Challenging New Puzzle Game

Watercolors combines your love of color and puzzle games into a challenging and addictive treat.

AppAdvice Daily: Joust And Jab Your Way To The Weekend With Our Best New Games

Get ready to joust with your enemies and slay some monsters with the best new games of the week.

Get Ready For Hectic Block Fusing Action In Luminux For iOS

Get ready for colorful explosions of color as you fuse blocks together in this addictive arcade puzzle game.

Embark On A Roguelike Quest For Glory In Tales Of The Adventure Company

Love puzzles, RPGs, and roguelike elements in your games? Then you'll fall in love with this one.

Can't Get Enough Dots? TwoDots Is Here, And Will Keep You Connecting

A game about connecting just got even better with this addictive new sequel.

Color And Music Blend Together As One In har•mo•ny 2, A Challenging iOS Puzzler

Get some peace of mind with the beautiful and challenging har•mo•ny 2.