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Special Event

Apple Special Event Roundup: iPad 2, iOS 4.3, But No MobileMe Refresh

Apple's special event in San Francisco has just concluded, and Steve Jobs - who was on stage, despite his ill health - announced a variety of new products. After reporting on each aspect of the event as it happened, we've now compiled this "roundup" post, which essentially tells you everything that happened in the last couple of hours.

Apple To Release iOS 4.3 On March 11

Apple has just stated that iOS 4.3 will be available to download soon. The software update is set to bring the Personal Hotspot feature to iOS users, along with support for "app subscriptions."

Could This Be The Second Generation iPad?

In just a few hours, Apple will announced the second generation iPad at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. However, if you can't wait until then to catch a glimpse of the iPad 2, a last minute mockup gives us an idea of what the real thing may look like.

AppAdvice Daily: iPad 2 Special Event, Plus Get Simpsonized

Apple has sent out invites to their next special event. Watch to find out the details. Plus want to Simpsonize yourself? Watch to find out how.

Namco Bandai IGNITE Interest In Their Upcoming Games With Special Event

Namco Bandai Games hosted IGNITE 2011 special event, and had a slew of games to show including iOS games. Read on to find out all the details.

Special Event: Back To The Mac - The Recap

Today's Apple special "Back To The Mac" event just ended. As predicted, unfortunately Steve didn't have much up his sleeve for us iDevice owners, besides FaceTime for the Mac that is. Nevertheless, iOS and iDevices had a lot to do with what was announced today, see for yourself...

Apple's Special Back To The Mac Event - What To Expect? OS X - iOS Fusion & More

Apple's special event is due to take place tomorrow. Named "Back to the Mac," and believed to be focusing on a new version of Mac OS X (possibly called Lion), it might still hold some pleasant surprises for us iDevice owners. Read more...

Apple To Hold "Back To The Mac" Special Event On October 20th

Exciting news folks! Apple is currently sending out press invites for another one of their special evens. Called "Back To The Mac", it's scheduled to take place next Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 10am PT.

Steve Jobs: Apple TV App Store May Still Be A Possibility

Steve Jobs has recently confirmed that the upgraded Apple TV, which premiered at the beginning of the month, may get an App Store in time. This means Apple TV users would be able to interact with iPhone and iPad apps on their TV set. It will surely serve to further increase interest in Apple's set-top box. Read on to find out more about this exciting possibility...

iHome Utilizes Apple's AirPlay In Recently Announced Speaker Dock

Recently, Apple announced "AirPlay," a service which allows iDevice owners to stream music to any enabled device. Since then, iHome has announced its first AirPlay-enabled dock. And, though its info page is relatively vague, we do have some information complete with a picture of the portable speaker. Read on to find out more...

OpenFeint's PlayTime Brings iOS And Android Gamers Together

Following Apple's special event last week, OpenFeint announced a new, upcoming service. Read on to find out more...

New iPod Touch Comes With A FaceTime App

If you were wondering exactly how fourth-gen iPod touches will be able to initiate FaceTime calls, we have the answer.

Hands-On With The New iPod Touch, iPod Nano And iPod Shuffle

You watched Steve Jobs talk about them, you read about them on our live feed, and you may have even already pre-ordered one of them; but now it's time to finally get a more in-depth look at the three new iPod models that Apple unveiled today.

iOS 4.2 For iPad: Apple Posts Details On Site

Apple has added an iOS 4.2 page to its site. Read on to find out more...

Apple: New Touchscreen iPod Nano Does Not Run iOS

If you were wondering exactly what operating system the new touchscreen iPod Nano runs, it's not the iOS. Read on to find out more...

iOS 4.1 GM Now Available For Developers

Apple has released the Gold Master of iOS 4.1 for developers, ahead of the operating system's announcement at Apple's Special Event today. Read on to find out more...

New iPod Commercials Appear On Apple's Site

TV commercials for the recently announced iPod touch and Nano have just hit Apple's site. Read on to find out more...

Apple Special Fall Event: The Big Recap

Today's Apple special event is now over. There weren't any big surprises, but Steve Jobs announced a bunch of really awesome products. Here is a recap of what has been announced.

The Full Video Presentation Of Apple's September 2010 Special Event Is Now Available

If you were unable to watch today's Special Event live, you can catch it now on Apple's site.

Apple Store Goes Online: Get Your New iPod Now!

Apple's online store is now full to the brim with new iPod models available to purchase! Read on to find out more...

Special Event: Streaming Is The New Fad, And Becoming More Affordable

While Apple hasn't completely embraced the 'cloud' system for audio and video content, it appears they are definitely on-board with making more and more content stream-able and not necessarily stored locally.

Special Event: Apple Announces Expected Apple TV Upgrade

Apple has just announced its long-expected upgrade to Apple TV. Read on to find out more...

Special Event: Apple Announces iTunes 10 - Available Today

Apple has just announced the release of iTunes 10, which will be available to download today!

Special Event: Apple Announces iOS 4.1 - Released Next Week!

Great news, iPhone owners! Apple has just announced the release of its latest iOS update: iOS 4.1. Read on to find out more...