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Time Management Games

AppAdvice Daily: Run Sackboy! Run! and intense puzzles with our best new games

Get ready to serve up food in a twisty way, tap tiles to reach 64 and run your sack off with our best new games of the week.

Spin and serve the quirky customers in Twisty Hollow, a delightful new puzzle game

There's a lot to love about this charming new puzzle game from Arkadium.

Diner Dash goes free-to-play following acquisition of PlayFirst by Glu Games

A fresh version of Diner Dash has just been served on iOS.

Rails Steam Powers Into The App Store And Is Better Than Ever

Turn a lazy town into a thriving metropolis with this railway management game.

Construct A Thriving Metropolis In Build-A-Lot 4: Power Source HD

A new time management game in the Build-a-lot series.

Roads of Rome 3 HD Makes The First Two Seem Cheap Because They Are On Sale

Rebuild a fallen empire in this time management game.

There's A New Level Of Caffeine Chaos Brewing At Ducky's Coffee

A time management game, Ducky's Coffee keeps your hands busy tending to coffee loving customers. It's a job you can do one step at a time or, as of today, take on the tasks that only the best of the best servers can handle.

Manage Your Own Nut House In Happy Squirrels

Happy Squirrels is a tree-building time management game that’s reminiscent of Tiny Tower.

Take Charge Of This EMERGENCY And Stop The Disaster From Spreading

Become the hero you always wanted to be with this time management game.

Make The Next Academy Award Winning Film With Pixely People Making Movies

Turn your start-up movie studio into a major money-maker with this time management game.

Papa’s Burgeria Is Hiring And You’re the New Trainee, Now Get To Work

This time management game for the iPad is all about making burgers and earning tips. See how far you can move up in ranks.

Wouldn’t It Be Great To Have The Chance To Start Over When Choosing Life’s Path?

Do you know which life choice is right for you? Play this time management game to discover which path to take while unlocking talents and discovering your true calling.

Go Into The Car Repair Business In Fix-it-up 80s: Meet Kate’s Parents HD

Fix-it-up 80s HD is a fun and engaging time management game where you run a car repair shop.

Harvest Flowers, Sell Bouquets And Earn Money To Help Find Your Missing Parents

There is no room for slacking on this farm. You must manage your time well as you grow and harvest flowers, keep plants watered and squash pesky bugs.

Burger Bustle HD, Yet More Time Management

Big Fish Games releases another version of their time management title.

Rescue Lost Puppies With Fluff Friends Rescue

Fluff Friends Rescue is a universal time management “plate spinning” game similar to the time management apps Diner Dash and Cake Mania. This adorable version is not food related at all, but pet related. Rescue lost puppies and kittens, fix their boo-boos and put them up for adoption.

Pioneer Lands HD: Old West Settlers Strategy, Half-Price For A Limited Time

Pioneer Lands HD: old west settlers strategy, is a time management strategy game for the iPad. The first 12 levels are free, but you can buy 36 additional levels for half-price for a limited time.

Multitasking Skills Are Tested In Hospital Haste HD

Hospital Haste is a time management and strategy game where you are tasked with developing the best hospital in town. Treat the patients according to their needs and help them leave the hospital happy so you can earn points and hearts.