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Download Apps For The iPad

The iPad has the big limitation of not being able to download files from the Internet through Safari. There are many times that it would be nice to download audio, video and zip files right onto the iPad. The App Store has a multitude of great apps that can help you do just that. This AppGuide will help you discover the best downloader app for your needs.

Essential Apps


by Dan Leehr L.L.C.

The very best app to help you download your files is called Filer. The new version 2.0 integrates with Dropbox and allows you to download files in the background. The app features a file manager that can be used as your file app for your iPad. You can save all your files right in this app and open in other apps when you need to. The app can also play back media files and you can use iTunes to drag and drop new files right into the app. The app will perform many functions in the background, such as playing audio, compressing and extracting files, and continue any uploads or downloads. One great use of the app is extracting content from ZIP, RAR, TAR, and Gzip archives. The app features a built-in web browser to make it easy to find new files to download. The app also features video out support for sharing those files with the big screen. The app includes a bunch of other great features that make it an essential app for any iPad.

Notable Apps


by Silicon Studios

A great alternative to Filer is iDownload. The app is another one that will continue to download your files in the background. The app supports external displays to show off your downloaded files. The app supports ZIP files, but does not support nearly as many file formats as Filer. If you are looking for a good alternative to Filer, then this is a great option.

Download Manager Pro HD

by VTechnology

Download Manager Pro HD is a great alternative to Filer. It can extract a bunch of different file types including: TAR, GZ, ZIP, and RAR. The app will not extract any password protected files. The app will also continue to download files in the background. The app includes all of the standard file managing tools such as folders, renaming of files, and moving/coping files. Download Manager can also download the HTML code of a website, which can be handy. If you want an alternative to Filer, then this is another great option.

Downloads for iPad - Download Manager

by Hian Zin Jong

Downloads for iPad is an alternative to Filer. The app includes a web browser. The app can save web pages for offline access and allows you to download any individual file you will find online. The app includes the ability to manage those files into different folders. The app includes many of the same features that Filer does. The app will extract archived files like ZIP and RAR files. The app can also save YouTube videos by simply tapping on them. The app also supports background audio and downloading of files. If you are looking for an alternative to Filer this is a good option.

Decent Apps


by Artapps BV

The developers of this app for whatever reason are okay with lying. The app itself is a fairly well designed app to download content to your iPad. The App Store info about the app claims it will send video to your Apple TV through AirPlay. What happens when you download a video and try this out? Well as you can guess only audio can be sent to the new Apple TV with this app. If you need to pause a download this app allows you to pause and resume at a later time. The app has a decent interface, but we would not support a developer that is not honest about what the app does. The app also does not do any sort of file management. The only ability there is to rename files. We would not recommend using this app. There are some other great ones to choose from including Filer.

Get It!

by Pulse Code, Inc.

Get It! Is a free option for downloading files onto your iPad. The app is not even close in functionality to many of the other apps mentioned here. The app will not download anything that isn’t a direct link to the download. Many of the other apps do a great job of finding the file and downloading it. Get It requires you to be more precise in downloading the correct file. The app has a poorly designed user interface and is an option for those that want a free way to do this.

Other Apps
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