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iPod Shuffle

Here's Apple's All-New iPod TV Ad

Apple's iPhone special event saw the company unveil its new line of iPods, which included a refreshed iPod touch and an impressive iPod nano. Now, Apple's all-new TV ad for this line of iPods (which the company played inside the Yerba Buena Center, yesterday), is available to view online.

Joe White

The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye To Two iPods

Apple is about to say sayonara to two of its iPods, the iPod classic and iPod shuffle, as early as next week. This news, first published by Tuaw, would make the iPod nano the company’s entry-level device. In doing so, Apple’s entire line of mobile devices would be multitouch.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Special Event: New Shuffle

The new iPod Shuffle will come in five different colors and sell for just $49. It will be smaller than the 2nd generation version and include VoiceOver, shuffle and playlist.

Bryan M. Wolfe