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Apple's ARKit

Less Than 1,000 Apps Currently Use Apple's ARKit in iOS 11

Apple's Software
January 4, 2018

Despite a substantial push, less than 1,000 apps are currently taking advantage of Apple’s ARKit in iOS 11. A new report from Apptopia is providing more data about developer adoption.

So far, the majority of apps with ARKit are games.

So far, the majority of apps with ARKit are games.

After iOS 11 was released in September, more than 300 apps arrive on the App Store. But after that, those numbers trailed off substantially in October and November only to slightly rebound in December.

So far, not surprisingly, most of the apps that have taken advantage of ARKit are Games at 30 percent. Apps in the Other category account for 24.2 of the apps. That’s followed by Entertainment and Utilities. Apps from the Education, Photo & Video, and Lifestyle categories round out the list.

After announcing ARKit back at WWDC 2017, Apple heavily marketed the framework to developers.

And while a number of high-profile apps, like Pokémon Go, have taken advantage of ARKit, it seems that Apple has more work to do convincing developers.