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Head to the court for a smashing new sport in PKTBALL

Get ready to crush your opponents in this ping-pong style game
Pocket Gaming
April 11, 2016

Test your skills and reflexes in an exciting new arcade sport called PKTBALL. This ping pong-style game will have you scoring big, collecting coins, and defeating your opponent as you smash the ball across court.

Slide and release

Smash it

With simple controls, you just slide your finger to move your character and release to make it hit the ball. You will be both serving and receiving so stay on your toes and get ready to smash that ball.

As you continue to successfully keep the match going, coins will appear on the screen. Do your best to hit the ball through them, but definitely do not take your eye off of that ball for a second.

Unlock characters

Unlock characters

Each of the various characters, called PKTBUDDIES, comes with a different environment which has its own unique look and energetic soundtrack. You can play as a pretty princess or even a retro mix tape.

The game offers Game Center support, a local multiplayer mode for up to four players, an optional mini game, and daily quests.

So, for a lively game with colorful graphics, pumping sounds, and ball-smashing action, check out PKTBALL. It is designed for iPhone and iPad and available on the App Store for free. There are in-app purchase options for additional characters.

you can get the game for free on the app store

PKTBALL - Endless Arcade Smash Sport
PKTBALL - Endless Arcade Smash Sport
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