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iPhone X Adoption Rate

Data Shows Early iPhone X Adoption Rate Besting Plus Models

December 4, 2017

The early iPhone X adoption rate has bested that for both the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus in eight countries. Elsewhere, the adoption rate has at least matched that of recent Plus models, according to research firm IHS Markit (via DigiTimes).

In the three weeks following the iPhone X’s Nov. 3 release, the 5.8-inch device performed extremely well in countries with a high gross domestic product (GDP), including Singapore, Denmark, Switzerland, and Japan. In those countries, the iPhone X already accounts for over two percent of all active iPhones.

As IHS Markit explains:

Countries where “Plus” model iPhones have been successful in the past have a strong correlation with initial levels of iPhone X adoption, the research firm noted. Consumers in those markets have a greater interest in larger displays and high-quality dual cameras, as well as the willingness to pay the higher price a Plus model or iPhone X costs over regular-size iPhones.

In other countries, initial iPhone X adoption matches that of previous iPhone flagship launches, despite early production constraints.

In the US, iPhone X adoption after three weeks matched the adoption of iPhone 8 Plus and beat early adoption levels for both the iPhone 8 and 7 Plus. Only the iPhone 7 model had greater initial success. In Japan, initial iPhone X adoption was as good as or better than any recent iPhone launch, and matched the level of the iPhone 7.

Looking ahead, IHS Markit expects iPhone sales to hit a record in 2018. For the next four quarters, it expects on-year increases in iPhone shipment volumes. For the current holiday quarter, the company says Apple will ship 88.8 million iPhones, which would be a quarterly record.

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