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Use Shelf to Make Your Own Custom Live Activity for the Lock Screen or Dynamic Island

October 26, 2022

While there are already a host a great third-party apps taking advantage of the new Live Activity feature that arrived in iOS 16.1 for the iPhone, the new app Shelf takes the feature in an interesting new direction.

Make the Dynamic Island Your Own

Make the Dynamic Island Your Own

If you’re not aware, a Live Activity can display live information at a glance on your lock screen. And anyone with an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max can see information on the Dynamic Island.

But with Shelf, you can make the Live Activity more personal. You can pin photos, text, and quick action to your lock screen, Dynamic Island, and even home screen.

To begin, you’ll open up the app and create a shelf to use. To help you there are a number suggestions with templates to use. There are three major shelf types you can choose from—text, actions, or a photo.

When creating a shelf, you can toggle back between what the final product will look like as a lock screen Live Activity, a home screen widget, or on the Dynamic Island.

The photo and text shelves are great options to place a treasured memory or a quick note. But the action shelf option is definitely a great way to quickly open apps. You can also do more like run a Shortcut, turn on Focus, or even a specific website via Safari.

While on the go, you can even use Siri to quickly pin a spoken comment to the lock screen for access later.

You can download Shelf now on the App Store for free.

There is also a subscription option available. You can unlock Shelf Pro for $1.49 per month or $9.99 yearly.

Shelf Pro subscribers can unlock the ability to create unlimited shelves, premium themes, photo filters, and quickly launch between multiple shelves. Additional features planned in the future include weather, checklists, and timers.

Make sure to take a look at Shelf if you would rather make the great Live Activity feature your own instead of taking advantage of other third-party apps.

Shelf - Create Live Activities
Shelf - Create Live Activities
Michael Tigas