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Agile Tortoise

Quickly manage your contacts with Interact from Agile Tortoise

Agile Tortoise's latest app will help you tidy up that address book.

Agile Tortoise's Drafts app is ready for the Apple Watch

Drafts 4.2 is here, and the update brings the software's anticipated Apple Watch app.

Drafts adds Workflow integration for iOS text automators

The super-smart Drafts app for iOS has just had its IQ boosted yet again.

Keep count of anything and everything with Tally 2 from Agile Tortoise

Never lose count again thanks to this simple counter app from the developer behind Drafts 4.

AppAdvice's top 10 best paid iPhone apps of 2014

We reflect on the year and pick our favorite paid iPhone apps.

Another Drafts 4 update brings back the iOS 8 Notification Center widget

Apple has changed course once again and allows version 4.0.6 with the feature.

Drafts 4 update adds new features but removes Today widget at Apple's request

Drafts 4, the iOS 8 edition of the acclaimed note-taking app developed by Agile Tortoise, has just received its first major update.

Apple takes aim at the iOS 8 Notification Center widget from popular text capture app Drafts 4

Nearly three months after launching iOS 8, Apple is still fine tuning what developers can do with the new functionality.

Best new apps of the week: Drafts 4 and Alien Blue - Reddit Official Client

Be quick and efficient with text capture and stay entertained with our top app picks for the week!

Drafts 4 is here and takes note and text capture to a whole new level

Drafts 4 from Agile Tortoise is finally here, and it's the best version of our favorite quick note-taking app yet.

Drafts 4, the latest and greatest version of Agile Tortoise's text capture app, is out now on iOS

Drafts has been redesigned and reengineered for iOS 8 in the form of Drafts 4.

Drafts Update Adds Google Drive Actions, Background App Refresh And More

Drafts, Agile Tortoise's smart text composition app for iOS, has received a useful update.

Phraseology Gets A Big Update To 2.0, Adds A Bunch Of Great New Features

Phraseology, the popular iPad text editor, has been updated to version 2.0.

Take Action With Words In Terminology 3

Agile Tortoise releases Terminology 3 in the App Store. Will this be your new go-to dictionary? Let's find out.

Managing Your Text Has Never Been Easier With Drafts 3.0

Our favorite quick text capture app has been updated, and it's a beefy one!

Popular Quick Text Capture App Drafts Is All About Taking Action

Hailed by AppAdvice as one of the best apps of 2012, Drafts has just received its first ever update this year. And it's all about customization and automation.

AppAdvice's Top 10 Best Paid iPhone Apps Of 2012

What were the best apps released in 2012? Find out what our top paid iPhone app picks are for the year! Did yours make the cut?

Now You Can Post To That Premium Social Network With Draft's New Update

Drafts gets another update and finally brings support for that new social network on the block.

App Showdown: Quickly Jot Down What You Need With Drafts And Scratch

Need a quick way to jot down some text wherever you are? Find out which app is the best app for the job in this week's App Showdown.

AppAdvice App Of The Week For August 27, 2012

It's a new week, so start it off the right way with our amazing app picks!

Drafts Gets Even More Amazing, Is Now On iPad, And We Have Extra Copies!

Just when you thought Drafts couldn't out-do themselves, they do. And it just got a brand spanking new iPad version! Don't miss out on this huge update, and maybe you can even win a copy of one of our staff's favorite apps!

App Synergy: How To Write More Efficiently

Learn a neat writing trick in this week's App Synergy.

Drafts v1.3 Finally Brings Landscape Support And More

Drafts just got one new feature we'd all been asking for, making this great app even better.

Drafts v1.2 Brings New Sharing Options And More

Once you've got a new idea down on paper, the next logical step would be to share it. Draft v1.2 makes it easier than ever.