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apple store

Apple brings Personal Pickup to UK, posts Guided Tour for Apple Pay

At long last, Apple’s Personal Pickup service has crossed the pond.

Take a look at Apple's beautiful upcoming Chicago retail store

Apple's upcoming Chicago retail store is a real work of art.

Apple’s in-store Personal Pickup comes to Canada and Australia

Apple has just expanded its Personal Pickup service beyond the U.S. and into a couple of additional countries.

Surprise: You can already get the iPad Pro at an Apple Store

Contrary to expectations, Apple has also made the iPad Pro available to pick up in its retail stores today.

Apple now accepting online orders for iPad Pro

Preorders for the iPad Pro have begun today, Nov. 11.

You can now buy the new Apple TV online and pick it up in-store

Apple’s fourth-generation set-top box is available for in-store pickup today.

Apple Stores to begin sending iPhone 6/6s handsets for off-site repair

Apple is experimenting with a new way of dealing with iPhone repairs.

Hurry, get your free Super Hexagon from the Apple Store app

Get your free game from the Apple Store app today, before the giveaway ends.

Appointments no longer necessary to try on Apple Watch

As it tries to boost Apple Watch sales, Cupertino is tweaking the sales process of the device in stores.

Apple Store app now supports gift card purchases

You'll no longer have to visit in order to make gift card purchases in the Apple Online Store.

Oh no, where'd the Apple Store go?

Apple has unveiled a complete redesign of its Web page, with a notable removal from the navigation bar.

How can I reserve my Apple Watch for in-store pickup?

If you're confused about how to reserve and pick up an Apple Watch, check out this how-to guide.

The Apple Watch begins to arrive at retail stores

According to a new report, you might be able to pick up a watch from an Apple Store as early as tomorrow.

AT&T and Verizon are changing how iPhones will be sold at your local Apple Store

The traditional two-year contract is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Apple Store app gets better security and Touch ID support

The latest update to the Apple Store app makes it easier to shop while keeping your account more secure.

You can soon order Apple products from your wrist

The Apple Store app is coming to Apple Watch.

The 10 biggest technology stories this week: WWDC 2015, Apple Watch, Tim Cook and more

WWDC, Apple Watch, Tim Cook, and more -- let's take a look back at the week that was.

Here's how you can get Rules!, the first game to support the Apple Watch, for free

Apple is offering Rules! with Apple Watch support as a free download through the official Apple Store app.

Apple confirms that for the Watch's initial launch period, orders are 'exclusively online'

Online is the place to be if you want to order an Apple Watch during the device's initial launch period.

It's almost time: Here are Apple Watch preorder times for all 9 launch countries

Preorders begin tomorrow, but the time is different for each of the Apple Watch's launch countries.

Apple retail chief: No more long lines

The days of waiting in line for product launches are over, according to a memo from Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts.

Here's how Apple Retail Stores are celebrating the launch of the Watch

In typical Apple fashion, retail stores are expected to celebrate the launch of the Watch in an impressive way.