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Bounce and Bust Through Foes for Epic Loot in Treasure Buster

Roguelike dungeon crawlers and pinball come together for an epic time in Treasure Buster.

Brawl Your Way to Saving the Village in Dan the Man

Dan the Man is the latest offering from Halfbrick Studios, and it mixes in arcade brawling action with platformer madness.

Become a Professional Dogsledder in Dog Sled Saga

Winter has arrived early, and it brought along a bunch of cute dogs with it.

Navigate Through a Digital and Futuristic World in Nightgate

Semidome, the guys behind Last Voyage, are at it again with the reflex-testing Nightgate.

Connect the Dots and Don’t Implode in Comblosion

Connecting the dots is harder than it looks in this arcade game.

Test Your Reflexes as You Spin Around and Around in Polyforge

Experience an infinite and serene world of color, shape, and sounds as you challenge yourself in Polyforge.

Tap Towards Your Dreams in VOEZ, a New Music Rhythm Game

VOEZ is a gorgeous new music game that brings in some dynamic new gameplay.

Super Arc Light is an intense and challenging twitchy shooter

Super Arc Light is a new arcade shooter that will keep you busy for a long time to come.

Defend Earth from invading aliens in radial shooter @mos

In @mos, players get classic gameplay with a twist.

Pilots of the Dawn is like Luftrausers but for iOS

Get ready for some intense dogfighting action in this new arcade shooter that is inspired by Vlambeer's Luftrausers.

Disentangle and sort the microverse in Dirac, an intense puzzler

The guys behind Smash Hit and Does Not Commute are at it again with the delightfully challenging Dirac.

Manipulate wind and deflect your foes in Steelbound Sky

Steelbound Sky is a fresh and innovative new take on the traditional shoot-em-up game.

Live the Broadway dream with Peter Panic and mini-games

Peter Panic is a musical filled with mini-games that is unlike anything you've played before.

Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers is an exciting run-and-gun game

See where lost socks end up in this flashy and challenging game.

You have to be fast when you’re Chased By The Sun

Chased By The Sun is a frantic new arcade puzzle game that will test your skills.

Reach the target in Spiral Splatter, a challenging arcade puzzle

Spiral Splatter is a deceptively simple arcade puzzle game.

Ride the Sparkwave and see how far you can go

Sparkwave is a new twitch reflex game from Crescent Moon Games.

Paint the town while outrunning the cops in Splash Cars

Splash Cars is like the love child of Pako - Car Chase Simulator and Splatoon.

Use your Ultimate Briefcase to protect yourself from bombs in Nitrome's new game

Ultimate Briefcase is the first title to be released under the publishing program of Nitrome.

Are you ready for this jelly? King's Candy Crush Jelly Saga is out now on iOS

The casual match-three puzzle gaming franchise created by has another potential moneymaker in Candy Crush Jelly Saga.

Qbert meets Crossy Road in Totes the Goat

Are you totes awesome? Find out by playing Totes the Goat.

Brrr! Temple Run 2 updated with Frozen Shadows world expansion

A sudden spell of cold weather has taken over Temple Run 2.

Have a merry popping Christmas with Rovio's Angry Birds Pop bubble shooter

Angry Birds Pop has gained special content for the holiday season.

Clear lines and save the universe in Sorus Shield

Sorus Shield breathes new life into classic gameplay.