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Use your Ultimate Briefcase to protect yourself from bombs in Nitrome's new game

Ultimate Briefcase is the first title to be released under the publishing program of Nitrome.

Are you ready for this jelly? King's Candy Crush Jelly Saga is out now on iOS

The casual match-three puzzle gaming franchise created by has another potential moneymaker in Candy Crush Jelly Saga.

Qbert meets Crossy Road in Totes the Goat

Are you totes awesome? Find out by playing Totes the Goat.

Brrr! Temple Run 2 updated with Frozen Shadows world expansion

A sudden spell of cold weather has taken over Temple Run 2.

Have a merry popping Christmas with Rovio's Angry Birds Pop bubble shooter

Angry Birds Pop has gained special content for the holiday season.

Clear lines and save the universe in Sorus Shield

Sorus Shield breathes new life into classic gameplay.

Ready, set, go: Nitrome's pogo stick platformer Gopogo bounces onto iOS

Gopogo takes the form of a pogo stick platformer where you join a ragtag gang as a pogoing player.

Swing, fling, and throw yourself to victory in King Tongue

When you're up against an army of bananas, a monkey's tongue is your greatest weapon.

Blast your way through infinite space in Cosmos

Cosmos - Infinite Space is an arcade space shooter that could keep you busy.

Line them up and match away in Let's Twist

Let's Twist is a unique arcade matching game that will keep you entertained.

Twirl to the music in Mindfork, a reflex arcade game

Avoiding the walls and staying alive in this game is easier said than done.

Fall and blast your way through danger in Downwell

How deep into the well can you make it through?

Run, hop and fight the darkness in Astra, a gorgeous platformer

Astra is a beautiful auto-running, physics-based platformer that you shouldn't miss.

Starseed: Origin is a nostalgic arcade shooter in your pocket

Starseed: Origin is the new bullet hell shmup from Crescent Moon Games that is hard to put down.

Shoot lasers at your foes in Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne

Put your bullet hell shmup skills to the test in the flashy new .Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne.

Fly against the clock in Race The Sun, an infinite runner

Race The Sun originally appeared on Steam in 2013, but is now available on iOS.

Are you fast and skilled enough to be a Shibuya Grandmaster?

You have to be quick to figure out the patterns and make matches in Shibuya Grandmaster, the new game from Nevercenter.

Get rolling and test your agility in Cublast

Do you think you're fast and precise enough to master this challenging arcade game?

Shooting Stars with laser kitties is the way to go

The fate of mankind rests on the shoulders of a guy with a hover board and a laser-firing cat.

More Dumb Ways to Die await in this newly updated iOS game

Want to experience more Dumb Ways to Die? Then you’re in luck … or are you?

Carbs don't matter in Monster Want Burger

Even cute monsters can't resist a tasty burger.

Get ready for one heck of a ride in 8-Bit Waterslide, a humorous infinite runner

In 8-Bit Waterslide, no pain means no gain for Tipler, the screaming coward.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is finally on iOS and well worth it

Geometry Wars is back on the App Store and it's better than ever.

Quickly save stranded adventurers in Risky Rescue

Get to the chopper and rescue as many people as you can in this pocket-sized arcade game.