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Fitness Apps

Popular fitness app Runkeeper acquired by sportswear company Asics

The last remaining prominent independent health and fitness tracking app has also been acquired by a big-name sportswear company.

Work your booty with the Apple TV

Get ready to burn some calories in the comfort of your living room with our favorite fitness apps for Apple TV.

Get the workout that's fit and right for you with Updown Fitness

In just a few taps, you can have Updown create a workout that’s personalized just for you.

We may soon see a bunch of new iOS apps from Samsung

Samsung already has close to 50 apps on iOS. But that number is about to get bigger.

Movesum step-tracking app connects how you move with what you eat

To be healthy, you need not move fast. Rather, you just need to move more.

It pays to use Jawbone's new Up4 fitness tracker

Jawbone has just updated the official iOS companion app of its line of Up fitness trackers to add support for the latest model: Up4.

Withings' Health Mate activity-tracking app is now fit and right for the Apple Watch

Health Mate for Apple Watch lets you access key bits of health and fitness information right on your wrist.

Misfit for iOS goes 2.0 with new design, Flash integrations and more

Misfit has just turbocharged its official iOS app to version 2.0 with a new look and a number of new features.

Under Armour acquires popular health and fitness apps MyFitnessPal and Endomondo

The popular sports clothing and accessories company Under Armour has just picked up a couple of popular health and fitness apps.

Jawbone launches online marketplace for UP-integrated devices and apps

The Jawbone Marketplace is a one-stop shop for devices and subscriptions to apps highlighted by the Jawbone team.

AppAdvice Daily: Make better use of your iDevice with these widgets

Make better use of your iDevice using these five fabulous widgets.

Fitbit releases 2 new wearable devices, more motivational tools for current users

The Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Charge Surge are now available.

Check out your 'health snapshot' throughout the new year with Nudge 4.0

Nudge has just been updated to version 4.0 with a number of new features and enhancements.

Nike+ Training Club 4.0 introduces new social features for the new year

Nike+ Training Club has just been updated to version 4.0 — the better to help you get in shape this new year.

New year, new name: Lift personal coaching app is now called

A new name along with a new logo. That’s how, formerly Lift, is greeting the new year.

Lose It! weight loss app gains new design and features in big 6.0 update

Do you plan to lose it? And by “it” I mean all that weight you’ve been gaining over the holidays.

Running for Weight Loss 2.0 features design refresh, Health app integration and more

If you’re looking to lose weight during and after the holidays, make sure to check out the aptly named Running for Weight Loss app.

FitStar Yoga features yoga legend Tara Stiles as your guide to video-based workouts

FitStar Yoga includes workouts for more than 300 yoga poses plus eight special freestyle sessions.

Zombies, Run! developer Six to Start wants to help you get fit Step Buy Step

Step Buy Step encourages you to take more steps in the real world by letting you “buy” creature companions with the "Stepps” you earn.

NBCUniversal unveils Radius, a new fitness brand for iOS and other platforms

The new fitness plan is available across multiple platforms, including iOS.

RunKeeper update brings indoor tracking improvement, Health integration and more

The popular fitness app RunKeeper has received an update, following up on its big 5.0 update earlier this month.

Zombies, Run! creator Six to Start releases Dungeon Runner: Fitness Quest for iOS

Dungeon Runner challenges you to play a dungeon crawling game by performing a series of real-world fitness exercises.

As expected, Apple removes Fitbit products from stores

You can no longer buy Fitbit products through Apple.