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Apple Music now playing on Mac via iTunes 12.2

The latest update to Apple’s media center desktop application adds support for Apple Music.

Apple's iBooks versus Amazon's Kindle

Which is the better app for reading e-books on iOS, Apple’s iBooks or Amazon’s Kindle?

Apple’s Eddy Cue publicly discusses the e-book price fixing case for the first time

The senior vice president of Internet Software and Services is a central figure in the case.

Apple announces significant changes for iBooks authors and publishers

Apple has just announced several significant changes that are set to benefit authors and publishers participating in its iBooks program.

Apple unveils an official free iOS 8 user guide for the iPad and iPhone

The guides can be downloaded from the iBooks Store now.

Apple takes subtle jab at Amazon's 'doublespeak' with George Orwell iBooks feature

Apple is apparently poking at Amazon's doublespeak-like misrepresentation of George Orwell.

Apple wins preliminary approval for its $450 million e-book settlement

The U.S. government, and a number of states, accused Apple of price fixing.

Apple Is Discounting Hachette Books Amazon Refuses To Sell

The discounts are for a limited time only.

With Apple On The Sidelines, Amazon Digs In Over Hachette Book Dispute

While Amazon plays hardball with Hachette, customers are the ones missing out.

Apple Publishes iOS Human Interface Guidelines For iOS Developers On The iBookstore

Apple has launched an iBook version of its iOS Human Interface Guidelines document for iOS developers.

Apple's Relationship With Monitor Michael Bromwich Has 'Significantly Improved'

Apple seems to be getting along with Michael Bromwich a little better following the company's original complaint.

Judge Gives The Go-Ahead For Class Action E-Books Suit Against Apple

Class action status has been granted to an e-books lawsuit against Apple.

Is Apple 'Haunted' By Steve Jobs?

"Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs" arrives tomorrow, March 18.

Apple Requires 'Interest Age' For iBooks Aimed At Children, Teens By June

Apple is requiring iBooks authors to add an interest age for certain titles before June.

Apple Brings iBooks Textbooks and iTunes U Course Manager To New Markets

Apple has expanded the reach of the company's iBooks Textbooks and iTunes U educational programs.

Day 8 Of Apple's 12 Days Of Gifts Lets You Get Book 1 Of 'Diary Of A Wimpy Kid' For Free

"Diary of a Wimpy Kid" by Jeff Kinney is the featured "gift" for day eight of Apple's 12 Days of Gifts.

Day 3 Of Apple's 12 Days Of Gifts Offers 'Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2014' For iBooks

Apple's 12 Days of Gifts has just entered its third day with an offer to download at no cost "Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2014" for iBooks.

Apple Finally Enables Gifting Option In iBooks Store Just In Time For The Holidays

This holiday season, and beyond, Apple wants you to give the gift of iBooks.

Apple Now Providing Phone Support To iBooks Author Publishers In Several Countries

Apple has launched a phone support service for iBooks Author publishers.

New Biography Of Influential Apple SVP Jony Ive Launches In The iBookstore

One new e-book offers iDevice users an interesting biography of Apple's senior vice president of Design, Jony Ive.

Apple Updates iBooks, iTunes U With An iOS 7 Look And Feel

Along with a flatter and simpler design, both apps are also sporting new icons.

Shelf Control: Apple Patent Application Aims To Let Users Give The Gift Of iBooks

This week on Shelf Control, we're going to take a look at a recently published Apple patent filing that details a method whereby users can gift iBooks e-books.

Shelf Control: Get These Books That Inspired Movies For $4.99 Or Less

This week, I'll be featuring some titles to add to your iBooks shelf. These titles have one thing in common: they have all inspired major motion pictures.