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AppAdvice Top 10! When will you die?

Have you checked out the AppAdvice Top 10?

Why everyone is freaking out over Instagram notifications

Everyone on Instagram is freaking out over notifications! Find out what all the hubbub is about right here.

For Facebook's Instagram, video really counts

Facebook apparently wants to also give Instagram a video-driven boost.

How to add multiple Instagram accounts on your iPhone

Adding additional Instagram accounts into the iPhone app is quick and simple. Here's how you can do it.

It's official: Instagram for iOS now supports multiple account switching

Instagram has officially announced that it has begun rolling out support for switching between multiple accounts in its iOS app.

You may already be able to switch between multiple accounts on Instagram

Instagram has begun rolling out support for switching between multiple accounts — without logging out — in its official iOS app.

You'll now be seeing 60-second video ads on Instagram

Instagram has once again doubled the maximum video ad duration, this time to a full minute.

Facebook has put Instagram ads everywhere

Ad impressions on Instagram have increased significantly.

White House Chief Photographer shares beautiful iPhone-captured images

Are you still an iPhotography sceptic? Then take a look at what the White House's Chief Photographer can do with Apple's smartphone.

Instagram updates Boomerang with iPad support and more features

Boomerang from Instagram has just received its first ever major update, thereby gaining three much requested features.

Here they are: Apple's pick of the year's best iOS apps

Apple is out with its best apps of 2015: Periscope, Lara Croft GO, and Workflow were all selected.

7 apps I really want to see on the new Apple TV

There are lots of apps already in the tvOS App Store, but there are a few missing options I hope to see there soon.

Millennial parents look to Instagram for baby name inspiration

The hottest trend in baby naming could be on your iPhone already.

Instagram client InstaAgent exposed as malware, pulled from App Store

A much-downloaded third-party Instagram client has just been pulled from the App Store after it was found to have behaved maliciously.

Post videos to your Instagram feed again with Boomerang

The social network continues to find ways to keep Instagram from getting too stale.

Share your Sounds to Instagram with ease

This app makes sharing music to Instagram quick and easy.

10 great 3D Touch-enabled apps to try out on your new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus

The new technology can detect exactly how much pressure is being applied to the phone display.

Feeday, the best Instagram widget, gets a couple of new features

Feeday for Instagram is now better than ever thanks to a recent update.

Get your Instagram by going with the Flow, now for iPhone

Check out your Instagram feed and view those gorgeous posts with this app, now for iPhone.

You can now share photos, videos and more privately with Instagram Direct

The social network’s messaging system now also allows threaded messages.

You no longer have to be a square when using Instagram

Your photos and videos can now look even better than before.

Instagram opens the advertising floodgates by launching its new API

Expect a lot more ads to clog your feed on the photo sharing social network.

My favorite Apple Watch apps for July 24, 2015

Get packing, check out a flick, and see new photos with these three Apple Watch apps.

Explore even more in real-time with Instagram

Recent updates bring more ways to browse Instagram.