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WatchKit is here to help developers create great Apple Watch apps

The Apple Watch has its own developer program, too.

Apple Watch: How much will it cost and when's it due to launch?

The Apple Watch has a price and a rough launch date, too.

It's time to get more focused on health and fitness with the Apple Watch

It's about time you formed a habit of keeping track of your health and fitness with the Apple Watch.

Apple begins its highly anticipated 'iPhone 6' and 'iWatch' event

Let the fun begin. Just a few moments ago, Apple kicked off today's special media event.

Join us on the live blog for Apple's 'iPhone 6' and 'iWatch' event

We're live blogging the entire event. You don't want to miss it!

Mayo Clinic reportedly has a 'healthy' part to play at Apple's 'iPhone 6' and 'iWatch' event

Mayo Clinic is said to play a big part in the unveiling of Apple's new devices.

Security for tomorrow’s Apple 'iPhone' and 'iWatch' event is going to the extreme

A new report details some of the precautions Apple is taking to make sure no information is leaked before the event.

What we expect from Apple’s Sept. 9 event

Apple is planning a huge event for tomorrow, Sept. 9.

Apple’s home page now features a countdown to tomorrow’s special event

Starting at 10 a.m. PDT, users can view a live stream directly from Apple’s site.

As Apple rumor season ends, schematics leak purportedly showing parts for the ‘iWatch’

According to a new report, production on Apple's "iWatch" will begin in January.

Apple and Disney upgrading store equipment likely for new iPhone payment platform

Apple and Disney have installed new store equipment ahead of the launch of the former's "iPhone 6" and new mobile payment service.

The AppAdvice week in review: Stage set for Apple's 'iPhone 6,' 'iWatch' launch event

It's almost time. Apple's huge event is Tuesday, Sept. 9.

Apple's 'iWatch' to have own software development kit and App Store for third-party apps

Apple's rumored wearable device will its own SDK and even its very own App Store for third-party apps.

Apple invites top fashion editors to its Sept. 9 event likely for 'iWatch' unveiling

Apple has invited a considerable number of top fashion editors and bloggers for its special media event next week.

Battery life on Apple's 'iWatch' might not be all that great

A new report says Apple employees are setting low expectations for the device's battery.

Apple’s 'iWatch' goes round and elegant in this newest concept

Fuse Chicken’s Jon Fawcett brings a smart take to the classic round watch.

30 partners are already using the Misfit Shine maker's new developer tools

The expanded tools and assets are already being used by 30 companies.

Motorola's 'iWatch'-competing Moto 360 smart watch launches today

Motorola is launching its own smart watch -- the Moto 360 -- today.

Apple has negotiated some big transaction fee discounts for its mobile payment service

Biometric authentication via a Touch ID sensor will apparently be an important security feature.

NYT: The ‘iWatch’ will feature wireless charging and a flexible display

The report also says the next-generation iPhone will offer a one-handed mode that will make using a larger screen easier.

Apple will offer a live stream of the Sept. 9 'iPhone 6' and 'iWatch' event

Apple is widely expected to unveil the next-generation iPhone and its first wearable device.

Report: Apple’s 'iWatch' will feature NFC, be part of a mobile payment platform

The Wall Street Journal also echoes earlier rumors saying the device will come in two different sizes.