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musicians corner

Musician’s Corner: iRig HD Connects Your Instrument With High-Quality Sound, A Hands-On Review

Check out our review of IK Multimedia’s newest guitar-to-iOS interface adapter.

Musician’s Corner: Tune Your Axe In Style With Tunable – Instrument Tuner

Tuning an instrument has never looked so good.

Musician’s Corner: Chordion Makes Music Easy To Play

Take your iPad to the next level, musically, with this synthesizer app.

Musician’s Corner: Become A Shredding Guitar God With Lick Of The Day

Learn guitar, one day at a time, with this video-based music lesson app.

Musician’s Corner: The Nessie Microphone Turns Amateurs Into Pros – Hands-On Review

Blue Microphones recently launched Nessie and we got a chance to check it out.

Musician’s Corner: Capture Song Ideas With Song Keeper Free

Sometimes, you just need a quick and easy way to get your song ideas recorded.

Musician’s Corner: Musyc Makes The World Go Round

This week, Apple gave a music app the Editor’s Choice award and we have something to say about that.

Musician’s Corner: Turn Music Into A Social Occasion With UE BOOM – Accessory Review

We got our hands on Logitech’s newest iPad case and we’ve got an in-depth review for you.

Musician’s Corner: iKlip 2 and iKlip Studio For Mini Now Shipping

Check out the newest products that are ready to ship from IK Multimedia.

Musician’s Corner: Learn How To Listen To The Notes With Beat The Melody

Hone your pitch recognition skills with this fun music education app.

Musician’s Corner: Apple Makes Jamn App Of The Week

See why Apple chose to spotlight this music theory and scale practicing app this week.

Musician’s Corner: Access Your Membership On The Go With ASCAP Mobile

Keep your musician’s “cred” with you at all times with this mobile membership app.

Musician’s Corner: Hit The Beat On - Time With TheDrumDictionary

Practice your paradiddles with this drum sample app.

Musician’s Corner: Create Music Using Sounds From Around The House With Yellofier

Sample your cat’s meow and turn it into an electronic song with this music app.

Musician’s Corner: Motörhead Phones Push Your iPhone ‘Over The Top’ – Hands-On Review

Motörhead has their own brand of headphones and we have a review of the top of the line.

Musician’s Corner: Looking For A Good Show? We Have A Few Options

Find out what is going on with your local music scene with these location-based apps.

Musician’s Corner: Shred Along To 'Peace Sells' With David Ellefson Rock Shop

If you’ve always wanted your bass guitar to sound like it belongs in Megadeth, there’s an app for that.

Musician’s Corner: Sing And Play Piano To Your Favorite Pop Songs With NoteStar

Play along with your favorite pop songs with this innovative sheet music app from Yamaha.

Musician’s Corner: Bringing Back The Wurlitzer with iLectric Piano

We have an in-depth review of IK Multimedia’s newest app, plus two copies to give away.

Musician’s Corner: Find Dozens Of Versions Of Your Favorite Songs With Remixes

Dig through thousands of remixes to find new versions of old favorites with this music discovery app.

Musician’s Corner: Make Music While Playing In Water With Aquasonic

For this episode of Musician’s Corner, we show you how to relax and make music at the same time.

Musician’s Corner: Eventide H9 Harmonizer Makes a Splash at Macworld/iWorld

For this episode of Musician’s Corner we visit Eventide’s booth at Macworld/iWorld to find out more about the H9 Harmonizer.

Musician’s Corner: Create Custom Chord Charts With Chord App

For this episode of Musician’s Corner we work on finger placement for chords.

Musician’s Corner: You Must Practice Your GuitarNotes If You Want To Be Great

For this episode of Musician’s Corner, refresh your memory with this guitar game.