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Unique word game Capitals receives its first major update

In version 1.0.5, gamers can now take advantage of a greatly expanded word list and more.

NimbleBit's Capitals is a word game with a strategic spin

Capitals from NimbleBits is finally here, but does it live up to the hype?

Capitals, a word game with a strategic twist, lands on the App Store

In the latest game from developer NimbleBit, players battle on a hex grid.

NimbleBit’s latest game, Letterpad, hits the App Store and is playable on the Apple Watch

In the fun word game, players must find the hidden words related to the puzzle topic.

Letterpad, an upcoming game from NimbleBit, will be playable on the Apple Watch

The word game looks to be a perfect companion for Apple’s new wearable device.

Aim for Golfinity and beyond in the latest iOS game from Tiny Tower creator NimbleBit

NimbleBit is looking to score a hole in one approaching infinity with its latest iOS release, Golfinity.

Bitizens take over Sin City as NimbleBit officially launches Tiny Tower Vegas on iOS

NimbleBit has officially launched Tiny Tower Vegas on iOS.

Tiny Tower Vegas will land on the App Store this Thursday, Aug. 28

The popular tower building series from developer NimbleBit is heading to Sin City.

NimbleBit soft-launches Vegas-themed sequel to Tiny Tower on Canadian App Store

NimbleBit has just soft-launched Tiny Tower Vegas on the App Store.

Blast Off Into Space With The Newly Updated Disco Zoo

Version 1.2.1 of the fun simulation game also adds new animals and toys.

Bitizens To Soon Take Over Sin City In NimbleBit's Tiny Tower Vegas

There's a new game in the pipeline from NimbleBit, and it happens to be a Vegas-themed edition of the developer's hit business simulation game, Tiny Tower.

NimbleBit Updates Disco Zoo With 'Cool' New Animals, New Toddler Mode And More

Disco Zoo, the zoo simulation puzzle game from Tiny Tower and Nimble Quest developer NimbleBit, has just been issued its first ever update.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Enlists Salvage Droids For Deep-Galaxy Missions

In a galaxy far, far away ... you can now amass exclusive items with the help of the Salvage Droids in Star Wars: Tiny Death Star.

Big Fun With Tiny Animals: NimbleBit And Milkbag Games' Disco Zoo Is Out Now On iOS

Disco Zoo has broken out of its prerelease cage and into its official availability den in the App Store.

NimbleBit And Milkbag Games Set To Release Groovy Game Disco Zoo This Week

NimbleBit and Milkbag Games are set to release Disco Zoo in the App Store this Wednesday night.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Update Brings An Overhaul To The Imperial Assignments

Version 1.3 of the fun game now also features Facebook integration.

Groovy! NimbleBit Teams Up With Milkbag Games For Upcoming Disco Zoo Game

Prepare to play with a whole lot of party animals on your iOS device as NimbleBit and Milkbag Games prepare to launch Disco Zoo.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For Nov. 15, 2013

Enter an 8-bit Star Wars universe and get festive with an addictive running platformer game with our top game picks for the week!

Come To The Dark Side And Manage Your Own Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

The Force is strong with Star Wars: Tiny Death Star.

The Anticipated Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Launches In The US App Store

Disney and NimbleBit's Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is now available to download in the U.S. App Store.

Disney Releases New Images From The Upcoming Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Game

The new images look fantastic. Unfortunately, Disney still hasn't announced when the game is to be released.

NimbleBit, Disney Collaborate On Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

The 8-bit style game will be arriving in the App Store soon.