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puzzle game

Enter the beautiful, relaxing puzzle world of Ozaiko

After a long day, sit back and unwind with a soothing puzzle experience that has stunning photos and calming music.

Discover the mystery as you find a way out of Facility 47

Uncover clues, find useful tools, and explore the facility to discover its secret in this new puzzle adventure.

Dig, explore and collect stars in Starlit Adventures

Keep the whole family entertained this weekend with Starlit Adventures, a fun adventure platformer puzzle game.

A new puzzler Blendoku 2 lets you unwind as you blend colors

Relax while you blend colors in this new puzzler follow-up to Blendoku.

Free the universe in Sorus Shield, a Tetris-style puzzler

Aliens are invading and you need to use your light mines to save the universe in this new, shape-moving puzzle game.

Black Boxes, the shade-combining, match-3 puzzler is coming

A new puzzler is headed our way that will bring a match-3 challenge with a twist.

Put your nose to your phone in the puzzler Progress to 100

If you never thought a puzzle game would make you do something silly, you haven’t tried this one yet.

Lumino City is a captivating puzzle adventure

Lumino City is one of the most unique games you'll play this year.

Leonardo’s Cat will bring family fun in an invention puzzler

Solve the puzzles and learn about the Renaissance era in an upcoming, lively, new game for kids.

The day is finally arriving when you can explore Lumino City

This much-anticipated, hand-crafted, puzzle adventure for iOS will finally launch on the App Store.

The books hold the keys in Lost Souls: Timeless Fables

Find your missing brother within the classic tales in this wonderful, new hidden object game.

New stops have rolled into the RGB Express puzzler

Gas up your delivery truck, new levels have arrived in this popular puzzle game.

Make magic in the new puzzler Cauldron Quest: A Witch's Tale

Slide the tiles to mix potions and sweep up spiders in this lively new puzzle game.

The cryptic Please, Don’t Touch Anything is coming to iOS

A new intriguing game, currently only available on Mac and PC, is heading to the App Store soon.

Fuel your spaceship and explore the galaxy in Los Aliens

This new puzzler will send you on a fun space adventure full of lively characters and challenging gameplay.

Let’s hatch some dinosaur Eggs!

Tap to hatch the eggs, but be sure to plan ahead in this new puzzler.

Get ready to giggle with the new animated puzzler AZZL

Lively animations, challenging puzzles, and colorful characters are waiting for you in this fun, new game.

Rustle up some puzzle fun with Texas Word’Em

See if you can hold your own in this word and trivia combo game.

Is your thumb green enough to win A Game of Onions?

Test your gardening skills in this interesting new puzzler full of onions.

In the new Merge Arcade puzzler, being a square is cool

Check out a new arcade-style puzzler where the square is exactly what you want.

Go on a weekly treasure hunt with the updated Two Dots

Travel to a new world and explore fun levels with this great game update.

Cute Things Dying Violently will test your aim and heart

This game allows you the fun of either rescuing or torturing cute round critters.

Don’t fall and you can become The Lord of the Boxes

Remove boxes and stick your landing to move on in this new puzzler.

I Am Bread, but all I want is to be toast instead

Are you up for a unique, puzzling journey as a piece of bread? If so, you have to check out this creative new game.