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ravenous games

Save the Kingdom as You Journey Below in Ravenous Games’ New Title

Jump and dash attack your way to save the kingdom in this challenging auto-runner platformer roguelike.

Explore dungeons and rack up points in Tiny Rogue

Tiny Rogue is the latest turn-based roguelike from Ravenous Games.

Claim the castle treasure as yours in Devious Dungeon 2, the latest action platformer from Ravenous Games

Ravenous Games has another hit on their hands with Devious Dungeon 2.

Grab your sword and head back into the dark in Devious Dungeon 2 for iOS

Ravenous Games has just unleashed a brand new monster-hunting iOS game on the App Store.

Ravenous Games' crazy characters are back for one last mission in Random Heroes 3

Prepare for more guns, more bosses, more action, and more random heroes in Random Heroes 3.

Do You Have What It Takes To Conquer The Threats In Devious Dungeon?

Devious Dungeon is the latest platformer from Ravenous Games, and it mixes in some rogue-like and RPG elements this time around.

Ravenous Games' Medieval Action Platformer Devious Dungeon Is Out Now On iOS

Devious Dungeon has broken out of its prerelease phase and into officially availability in the App Store.

League Of Evil Developer Ravenous Games To Unleash Devious Dungeon This Week

Devious Dungeon is a medieval action platformer that challenges you to find portal keys and fight your way through level after level of, well, devious dungeons.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For July 5, 2013

It's time to thwart evil and race cute little forest creatures this weekend with our top game picks for the week!

Ravenous Games' Hit Platformer Series Continues With League Of Evil 3

The third installment in Ravenous Games' League of Evil iOS platformer series is here.

League Of Evil 3 To Make Its Diabolical Debut In The App Store This Week

League of Evil 3 is scheduled to make its diabolical debut on Thursday, June 27.

Help This Duck Become Rich By Controlling Gravity

Love puzzle platformers and Ravenous Games? Then you will enjoy their latest game.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For January 25, 2013

Have an action-packed weekend with these awesome game picks!

Take Over The Humans To Solve Puzzles As The Infestor

Infestor is the latest game from Ravenous Games, and it's quite a delight.

Burrito Bison Needs Your Help To Squish The Evil Gummy Bears Of Candy Land

Love to fling stuff across the screen and see how far you can go? Then Burrito Bison is perfect for you, especially with the ridiculous originality here.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For November 23, 2012

It's time to wind down for the rest of the weekend with some fun games! Our top game picks this week involve a fun, reverse-Tetris puzzler and a beat-em-up where you can take out all of your rage without getting in trouble.

Wrongfully Canned? Fight Back In Beatdown!

Ever wish you could fight back for being wrongfully terminated at work? Now you can, without all the legal issues, with a new hit from Ravenous Games.

Can These Random Heroes Save Earth From A Monster Invasion?

Here's an unlikely hero that sets out to defend his planet from a monster invasion. Are you up to the task in this new action platformer from Ravenous Games?

Help Burger Cat Get His 'Om Nom Nom' On

Ravenous Games has release a game that involves cats and cheeseburgers — what could be better, right?

Have You Ever Tried A Burrito Bison?

Is this classic Flash title finally coming to iOS?

Burger Cat Hitting The App Store This Week

You can haz all the cheezburgers with this new title from Ravenous Games.

League Of Evil Is Back, Baby! This Sequel Is A Must For Any Platform Fan

Now that we've had some time with the sequel to League of Evil, here's what we think of it!

Stop The Evil Scientists Again With League Of Evil 2

Those pesky evil scientists are at it again in this glorious follow-up to the hit game League of Evil.

Ravenous Games Posts League Of Evil 2 Trailer To Showcase The Upcoming Sequel

Teaming up with Bulletproof Outlaws, Ravenous Games is on the verge of launching the sequel, League of Evil 2, and have posted an official trailer in anticipation of the release later this month.