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Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey is a beautiful and captivating JRPG

Dive into the beautiful world of Orcanon in this JRPG adventure.

Beautiful RPG Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey is nearing release on the App Store

Developer Kobojo Games has released the final video spotlighting a character from the game.

Defeat the Golden King and get rich in Five Card Quest

Five Card Quest is a new roguelike card battle RPG game from Rocketcat Games that is as challenging as it is addictive.

Get a genuine tabletop RPG experience in Galactic Keep

Love sci-fi and tabletop RPGs? Then Galactic Keep is a must-have.

Jump and fight for survival and karma in The Deer God

Living life as a deer is much harder than you think.

Take a chance with Dice Mage, a bite-size RPG

Are you feeling lucky enough to take down these tough foes with some magic?

Harness your powerful team while you match-three in Skydoms

Mythical creatures, epic battles, and a puzzle game are rolled into one bundle of fun.

Put your matching skills to the test in RainbowTail

Save the world's color by matching gems in this unique game

Balance fast-paced gameplay with tactics in Five Card Quest

An upcoming card battling title from Rocketcat Games will challenge you to act quickly and strategically.

Unleash your inner tactician in The Long Siege

The Long Siege is the perfect blend of match-three, RPG, and real-time strategy in one.

Fight in all-new realms in Summoners War update

The newest update to Summoners War will bring new content and features to the hit game.

Sproggiwood, a cute roguelike inspired by Finnish mythology, is now on iOS

Even if you aren't a big roguelike fan, Sproggiwood is a cute turn-based title that will appeal to anyone.

Hack-n-slash your way to save the world in Taichi Panda, an online multiplayer dungeon crawler

Get ready for epic action in Taichi Panda, a new hack-n-slash dungeon crawler from Snail Games.

Strategically swap your heroes to become victorious in Swap Heroes 2, a tactical RPG game

Every move counts in this challenging strategy RPG game.

Get your fill of pinball and RPG action in BlitzKeep

BlitzKeep is one of the more interesting games you can get your hands on this week.

Hero Emblems is a challenging new match-three RPG that you won't be able to put down

Once you get started in this quirky little match-three RPG, you won't be able to stop.

Recover your stolen loot in Sneaky Sneaky, a challenging new stealth RPG game

Are you cunning enough to get your loot back? Put your stealth skills to the test in Sneaky Sneaky.

Slay monsters in MonTowers2 for a chance to win a $10 iTunes gift card

Here's your chance to win a $10 iTunes gift card!

Save the kingdom from armies of monsters as the BattleMage in this side-scrolling RPG adventure

It's up to you to save this kingdom and the villagers in BattleMage, a fun and action-packed side-scrolling RPG.

Quest for Revenge offers a dark and gloomy fantasy adventure for iOS device owners

Quest for Revenge could be your next favorite role-playing game for iOS.

Gather and train your squad for war in Adventure Age, the new puzzle RPG from Everplay

If you enjoy puzzle RPGs, then check out the new title from Everplay.

Inferno 2 is the ultimate dual-stick shooter RPG for iOS

Inferno 2 from Radiangames is the sequel you've been waiting for.

Adult Swim and PikPok deliver a hit with Adventure Xpress, a match-three puzzle RPG

Adult Swim and PikPok have done it again! This match-three puzzle RPG is a must for your collection.