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Apple Music's killer feature: Siri tricks

Siri can tap into Apple Music’s catalog of more than 30 million songs to play just about whatever you want in an instant.

Are you pumped for iOS 9? 5 top reasons you should be

Here are five of the best reasons to look forward to iOS 9 this fall.

5 reasons to get excited about iOS 9

Our top five reasons why you should update to iOS 9 as soon as it's available.

Control your lights using HomeKit with Lutron's Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge

This new home accessory gives Siri control over your smart home.

Apple is reportedly preparing a Google Now competitor that will automatically provide timely information

The new service will use Siri, Contacts, Calendar, Passbook, and even third-party apps.

Long-rumored AppleBot Web crawler is the real deal

Apple has confirmed that it operates its very own search engine Web crawler.

Siri gets a back-end overhaul to use Apache Mesos

Siri's backend has been moved to an open source cluster model, according to Apple engineers speaking at a recent Mesos meetup.

Review: The Amazon Echo could offer a glimpse at the future of home entertainment

The Amazon Echo is a very interesting new device from the world's largest online retailer.

AppAdvice Daily: Tips for driving safely with Siri

We're checking out three Siri safe driving tips on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Ford turns towards Apple's CarPlay system, as it drops Microsoft Sync

Ford drops Microsoft Sync for Apple's CarPlay in future car models.

Apple adds new locations for Maps Flyover views and Siri movie showtime listings

Apple has recently added support for new locations for Maps Flyover views and Siri movie showtime listings.

Microsoft's new Cortana ad says Siri 'just got bigger' on iPhone 6 Plus

Microsoft points out that even though Siri is now on the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, it's not necessarily smarter than Cortana.

Siri is lost and needs some reminding in new Nokia ads featuring Microsoft's Cortana

Microsoft isn't quite done yet with its Cortana-touting and Siri-bashing ad campaign.

Apple expanding Siri speech recognition research team in Boston

Apple is said to have been significantly expanding its team of Siri researchers in Boston.

Ask Siri about the new ‘iPhone Air’ and you'll see its Wikipedia page

Is the "iPhone Air" about to launch? Siri believes it could, but not until October.

New Microsoft ad features Cortana on HTC One (M8) face to face with Siri on iPhone 5s

Microsoft has just released another ad pitting Cortana against Siri.

Beats celebrates its official entry into the Apple family with new ad featuring Siri

Beats itself has released a new ad celebrating its official entry into the Apple family.

Microsoft launches a new Siri vs. Cortana ad, highlights Cortana's smart reminders

Siri goes head-to-head with Cortana in Microsoft's latest Windows 8.1 ad.

Siri might be improving, but Google Now on Android is still more accurate

Is Siri finally a match for Google's own Google Now?

Infringement Case Against Apple Over Siri Moves Forward

Apple plans on appealing the ruling to the Beijing Higher People's Court.

Cydia Tweak: Acute Brings Smart Voice Commands To iOS

Acute is a new jailbreak tweak that aims to put Siri to shame.

Google Search Gets Smarter On iOS, Lets Users Quickly Fix Misinterpretations

Google Search's Voice Search feature now performs better than ever.