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Review: Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat with Apple HomeKit support

Can Siri control help make this a hot gift for smart home fans this holiday season?

On Apple TV, Siri is just getting started

Making the search feature truly universal is Cupertino's goal for Siri on the Apple TV.

Don't expect to get chart info from Siri if you aren't subscribed to Apple Music

You'll need to subscribe to Apple Music to gain chart insights from our friend Siri.

The new Apple TV is now available to order

Sporting a Siri remote, a completely revamped interface, and more, Apple says the future of television is all about apps.

Check out Apple's new iPhone 6s ads for Siri, Camera

Apple's latest iPhone 6s ads highlight Siri and the built-in camera.

Let Siri control your lights with Philips' latest Hue Hub

This second generation smart lighting hub brings HomeKit support to the Philips Hue product family.

New Siri tips and tricks for Apple Music

Apple Music plus Siri equals love for sure. Check out our favorite Siri tricks for Apple Music on today's show.

Apple adds more voice training to Siri in iOS 9

New voice training in iOS 9 might lead you to believe your iPhone has voice authentication, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Apple TV shows the future of television is all about apps

The latest Apple TV is a beautiful accessory that will revolutionize how you consume television and casual console games.

Universal search may be the cornerstone of the new Apple TV

A welcome highlight of the new Apple TV will enable you to search through all of your channels at once.

Meet 'M,' Facebook’s answer to Siri, built into Messenger

The virtual assistant is now available for a small number of users in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What will it take for me to buy an Apple TV this fall?

The rumors continue about a refreshed Apple TV, but what will it take to convince a holdout to buy one?

Siri, can you read my voice mail please?

According to a new report, Apple’s digital assistant could add the feature in 2016 with iOS 10.

The next-generation Apple TV is ready for a September debut

According to a new report, Apple has finally nailed down plans to unveil the significantly upgraded streaming device.

Apple Music's killer feature: Siri tricks

Siri can tap into Apple Music’s catalog of more than 30 million songs to play just about whatever you want in an instant.

Are you pumped for iOS 9? 5 top reasons you should be

Here are five of the best reasons to look forward to iOS 9 this fall.

5 reasons to get excited about iOS 9

Our top five reasons why you should update to iOS 9 as soon as it's available.

Control your lights using HomeKit with Lutron's Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge

This new home accessory gives Siri control over your smart home.

Apple is reportedly preparing a Google Now competitor that will automatically provide timely information

The new service will use Siri, Contacts, Calendar, Passbook, and even third-party apps.

Long-rumored AppleBot Web crawler is the real deal

Apple has confirmed that it operates its very own search engine Web crawler.

Siri gets a back-end overhaul to use Apache Mesos

Siri's backend has been moved to an open source cluster model, according to Apple engineers speaking at a recent Mesos meetup.

Review: The Amazon Echo could offer a glimpse at the future of home entertainment

The Amazon Echo is a very interesting new device from the world's largest online retailer.