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trivia games

Etermax announces more Trivia Crack features and new games

Look forward to new features for your favorite trivia games along with a new one for kids.

Top 10 best games for non-gamers

We're featuring the top 10 games for non-gamers on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Put your geographical knowledge to the test in Worldly, a challenging trivia game

This beautiful trivia game will test your knowledge of the world's geography through fun mini-games.

You'll have to think fast to succeed in iKon - Quiz, a challenging puzzle game

Quizzes and puzzles merge together to test your knowledge in iKon - Quiz.

Is your memory as good as you think? Put it to the test in RECALL: The Memory Jogger

This fun game combines trivia with memorization for the ultimate test.

Iconic puts your pop culture knowledge to the test through beautiful icons

Can you recognize big names in pop culture through icons? Find out with Iconic.

QuizUp Gains New Social Features Plus Coca-Cola-Sponsored World Cup Topics

QuizUp has just received an update that enhances its social aspects and keeps it up to speed with the current sporty zeitgeist.

Quirky App Of The Day: Game Trivia Will Show How Savvy You Are

Put your gaming knowledge to the test by guessing a particular game with a single iconic picture as your clue.

Following Security Controversy, QuizUp Gets Updated With Privacy Mode

QuizUp, the popular iOS game billed as "the biggest trivia game in the world," has just received another notable update.

Q: Which Popular Social Trivia Game Just Received Its First Ever Update? A: QuizUp

QuizUp, the sleeper hit of a trivia game that was released just three weeks ago, has just received its first ever update.

Quirky App Of The Day: FairyTale Gossips Take To Twitter

Try to guess which prince or princess sent each tweet.

Quirky App Of The Day: Put Your Fear To The Test In Guess The Horror Movie

Remove a few tiles to see the picture behind, and try to guess which horror movie it is.

The Popular Turn-Based Trivia Game Trivie Is 'Breaking Bad' With Its Latest Update

The popular turn-based trivia game Trivie has just received another major update.

Trivie Turns One With Improved Game Creation And New Spotlight Games

The popular iOS turn-based trivia game Trivie has just received another notable update.

Trivie 2.0 Shines The Spotlight On New Premium Trivia Categories

Trivie, arguably the best turn-based trivia game on iOS and elsewhere, has just received its big 2.0 update.

Strivia Makes Trivia An Adventure

Find out how well you know your facts in this interesting trivia game.

XVision Makes Several Pleasing Adjustments To 'What's That Tune?'

Launched in mid-October, What's That Tune? initially failed to get traction, but additional content, enhanced features, and more for free may offer the chance of a rebound.

Social Trivia Game Trivie Continues Winning Streak With New Power-Ups And More

Trivie has just gotten an update worthy of inclusion in trivia books. OK, not really. But the latest major update to Trivie is really quite a doozy.

Is Trivie - Battle Of Wits Your Final Answer?

It appears that Trivie - Battle of Wits! is fighting its own battle of wits. With fellow turn-based iOS trivia game Trivial, that is.

You've Played Them, Used Them, And Read About Them, But What's That App Again?

Thanks to XVision's release of the What's That App? game, the "Who's smarter?" argument now includes knowledge of iOS app popularity.

Say What? Say What You See Celebrates The Olympics With New Summer Games Canvas

With the 2012 Summer Olympic Games already underway in London, Big Ideas Digital is holding its own summer games through its flagship game, Say What You See: The Collection.

Make A Real Pledge, And Then Bluff Your Way To Victory

Another promising iOS trivia title needs your help to become a reality.

Challenge Your Friends To A Game Of ExQuizit- The World’s Biggest Quiz

Grab some friends and play this trivia quiz game to see who has the most knowledge about sports and geography.

Triple Entendre Available Free In The App Store For Limited Time Only

The award-winning puzzle game is free for a day, so you can finally tease your brain and tickle your pocketbook at the same time!