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Apps For Contact Syncing with Facebook

If you are like most people, you have hundreds of facebook friends. You probably don't know all of them, but you probably don't care either. What you do care about is keeping in touch. With these apps you can sync your contacts with Facebook so you have everyone at your fingertips without having to go search for their information manually. Birthdays? Pictures? Address? No problem. Take note that not a single app below can sync phone numbers. Apparently it goes against the Facebook Terms of Service. But hey, at least you have their address and work details. You can just wait out in the parking lot...

Essential Apps

MyPhone+ for Facebook

by Ultimake Ltd

Sync contacts pictures and basic information with MyPhone+. Don't have their exact details? This app uses a matching algorithm to try and figure out which contacts your friends belong too, even if the information doesn't match perfectly. Now you can have all your friend's pictures, birthdays, address' and even jobs all synced to your phone's contact list quickly and easily. I should note that if you have a picture of someone saved in your contacts, it won't just plow it over and overwrite it, you have to tell it to. That's definitely a plus.

Notable Apps


by Omnigen Solutions

Syncs contacts birthdays, names and pictures. Has the ability to choose from 4 picture sizes and an "unsync" button.

Decent Apps

feX for Facebook

by CocoaMotion Inc

Par for the course as far as syncing goes, but not compatible with iOS4 as of this writing.

Sync.ME for Facebook (SmartSync)

by Ultimake Ltd

Made by the same company who makes MyPhone+ but it costs two dollars more... And does the same thing?


by Facebook, Inc.

Sadly, Facebook does a terrible job at syncing. Not only does it not get very many of your contacts right, it doesn't get birthdays at all.

BDayCal Synch for Facebook Birthdays

by Kuhlmanation, LLC

Syncs birthdays with the iPhone calendar... Sadly, does not important them into the contacts.


by Dwayne D'Souza

Used to be free, now its 99 cents and it only syncs pictures.

Other Apps
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