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AppAdvice's Week In Review

AppAdvice's Week In Review

May 20, 2012
Is Apple in love with celebrities? Do they really dislike the word jailbreak? Are we really going to see an iPad mini? These questions and others were discussed in the week that was.

Has Apple gone Hollywood?

Apple And Celebrities

Celebrities and Apple make interesting bedfellows. We already knew Ashton Kutcher loves Apple and will play Steve Jobs in an independent movie. Now we've heard more about that other Jobs biopic. Academy Award-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin ("The Social Network") has signed on to write a film based on the life of Steve Jobs, according to an announcement made by Sony Pictures and posted on Deadline. Sorkin is set to adapt “Steve Jobs,” the authorized biography of the late Apple tycoon. The biography was written by Walter Isaacson, former CEO of CNN and managing editor of TIME. It was critically acclaimed upon its release, but its protractedness was an issue for some readers. Sorkin would have to condense more than 600 pages worth of interviews with and insights about Jobs in order to come up with material well-suited for a two-hour movie. Sorkin revealed that the “other Steve," The Woz, has been hired by Sony Pictures as an advisor on the finer points of computer engineering and other technical considerations of the film. Apple has been in close proximity to celebrities for nearly four decades. Plus, Apple's product placement is on the rise on television and in movies. Finally, speaking of "The Social Network," we can't end the week without also mentioning Facebook's public stock debut. Did you buy?

Apple really hates j*******k!


There are a number of words in the English language that aren’t exactly family-friendly. Is one of those “jailbreak?” Apple seems to think so, according to On iTunes, Apple censored the word jailbreak. Of course, once the public caught wind of this, the technology giant quickly backtracked. But, has the damage already been done?

Oh, yes, the rumors


Want the final iPhone Steve Jobs created? It could be coming very soon and look like this or this. A new phone not your thing? Those iPad mini rumors keep growing stronger. Things are looking up that we'll finally be seeing the iPhone Jobs wanted to release in 2011 but didn't. This "iPhone 5" concept has been long-rumored. It is rumored to include at least a 4-inch screen, slimmer form factor, and more. Meanwhile, a new rumor suggests the iPad mini is coming with Nitto supplying the thin-film materials and Nissha Printing and TPK producing the touch screens. This rumored “G/F2” design will reportedly reduce costs, and would include one less layer of film than the current “glass/film/film” structure found in previous iPads.

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