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Watch part one of Apple CEO Tim Cook's interview with Charlie Rose

Watch part one of Apple CEO Tim Cook's interview with Charlie Rose

September 14, 2014

Last night, part one of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s interview with Charlie Rose was aired on the journalist’s namesake TV show. Prior to its airing, the interview was teased with several short clips on YouTube. But now, you can watch the first part of the interview online on the official “Charlie Rose” website or Hulu, whose video of the program is embedded below.

The interview begins with Cook talking about the three new products he introduced at last Tuesday’s Apple keynote: the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch. He touts the new smartphones as the “biggest advancement ever in iPhone history” and the smart watch as Apple’s “most personal” product yet.

He admits that neither the iPhone nor the Apple Watch is the first in its category. But he points out that Apple is not concerned about being the first, but rather about being the best — or as noted in Apple’s “Perspective” video, about being the first that “actually matters.”

Cook also touts Apple Pay, the new mobile payment platform unveiled by Apple alongside its new products.

He goes on to discuss Apple’s HealthKit platform, Apple TV, focus on emerging markets like China, acquisition of Beats, and partnership with IBM.

According to Cook, while Samsung is the “best of the hardware companies in the Android sphere,” Google is Apple’s top competitor. He also says that Apple has “little relationship” with Amazon. Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, are both partners of Apple, which apparently has no plans of being in the social networking business (Ping, anyone?).

Cook notably assumes a more thoughtful, even wistful, manner every time his predecessor, the late Apple cofounder and CEO Steve Jobs, becomes the topic of discussion. “Well, he’s in my heart, and he’s deep in Apple’s DNA,” Cook says the first time. “His spirit will always be the foundation of the company.” He asserts, however, that he has no objective of being like Jobs, who chose him in 2011 as the leader of the company he joined in 1998.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

The interview also touches upon a couple of controversies Apple has been involved in.

First, the great Apple Maps fiasco of 2012, about which Cook says, “Oh, we screwed up, to put it bluntly.” Of course, Apple’s mapping software has been significantly improved since its initial failure, for which Cook personally apologized.

“And you know, sometimes, when you’re running fast, you slip and you fall,” Cook says in the interview. “And I think the best thing you can do is get back up and say, ‘I’m sorry.’ And you try to remedy the situation, and you work like hell to make the product right. If you’re probably never making a mistake, you’re probably not doing enough.”

Second, there’s the recent nude celebrity photo leak that has been largely blamed on a so-called iCloud hack. On this subject, Cook is quick to clarify that Apple’s cloud service was not breached during the incident. Rather, only individual accounts were hacked via password guessing or phishing.

Part two of the interview is scheduled to be aired on Monday, Sept. 15. Rose teases the second part at the end of the first, suggesting that it includes Cook’s answer to the question, “What comes after the Internet?”

Perhaps the answer has to do with one of the things Cook says in part one of the interview: “There are products that we’re working on that no one knows about, yes. That haven’t been rumored about yet, yes. And part of some of those are going to come out and be blow-away, probably.”

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