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A rose gold iPhone 6s

Apple is Making it Easier to See if Your iPhone 6s is Eligible for a New Battery

Just enter your serial number on the program's site
December 1, 2016

Apple is making it much easier for iPhone 6s users to see if their battery is eligible for a free replacement under a new program.

Eligible for a free battery swap

Eligible for a free battery swap

Launched two weeks ago, it covers a certain number of iPhone 6s models manufactured between September and October 2015. The handset may unexpectedly shutdown even though the battery is still charged.

You can now enter an iPhone 6s serial number on the program’s page and be automatically told if the handset is eligible. The serial number is on the back of the handset or can be found by going to Settings, General, About on the iPhone.

If you have an eligible handset, it needs to be in good working order and without any type of cracked screen to receive a battery replacement.

You can contact Apple technical support, an authorized Apple service provider, or make an appointment at an Apple Store.

The program is worldwide and covers affected iPhone 6s batteries for three years after the first sale of the unit.