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Defend the village from the clutch of death in Fantasy Mage

Use your magical prowess to save the village from deathly skeletons in Fantasy Mage.

Explore, uncover secrets and blow up foes in Space Grunts

Orangepixel is back at it again with the action-packed, turn-based Space Grunts.

Tap, explore, and fight your way through Dungelot: Shattered Lands

After a long wait, Dungelot: Shattered Lands is finally here.

Explore the galaxy and save the sun in Momoka: An Interplanetary Adventure

Momoka: An Interplanetary Adventure is a fantastic platforming adventure that should not be missed.

Can you find your way out of the asteroid maze in Captain Cowboy?

Don't let greed get the best of you as you try and find your way out of a labyrinth in Captain Cowboy.

Journey to the bottom of the ocean in Jelly Reef, a gorgeous roguelike puzzle game

Guide the jellyfish to the bottom of the ocean in this soothing yet challenging puzzle game.

The Nightmare Cooperative is a charming puzzle roguelike that's all about teamwork

The Nightmare Cooperative has been ported from Steam to iOS, and it's as charming as ever.

Choose your own path and travel around the world in 80 Days, the iOS game

Can you travel the entire world in 80 Days? Find out in this brand new "choose your own adventure" game from inkle.

Save the world by rolling and jumping in Red Ball 4, a new physics-based platformer

Master physics to save the world in this challenging game.

Plunder The Galaxies For Epic Loot As A Space Pirate In PlunderNauts For iOS

Are you good enough to be the top space pirate in the galaxy?

Double Fine's Broken Age Is A Point-And-Click iPad Adventure You Don't Want To Miss

Lose yourself in the breathtaking world of Broken Age, the latest game from Double Fine Productions.

It's Time To Forge Your Own Path In Battleheart Legacy

Battleheart Legacy is a lengthy and challenging adventure worthy of your time.

Fight To The Death For Rome's Glory In Glorious Maximus

Do you have what it takes to be Rome's most powerful gladiator?

Fight Demons And A Perilous Winter Tundra In Last Inua - An Arctic Adventure

Explore the Arctic and fight off demons with this graphically and musically appealing app.

Defy All Physics And Logic As You Journey Through Monument Valley

The latest game from ustwo, makers of Whale Trail, provides a delightfully unique puzzle experience for everyone.

Embark On A Puzzling Adventure Through Space In Tiny Space Adventure

Do you have what it takes to survive on an unknown planet without getting yourself trapped? Find out with Tiny Space Adventure.

Explore, Mine And Craft To Your Heart's Content In The Atmospheric Mines Of Mars

The latest title from Crescent Moon Games has you exploring the depths of Mars as you attempt to survive on your own.

Get An Old-School RPG Experience With Crescent Moon's Coldfire Keep

Crescent Moon's been on a roll as of late, and their latest title is sure to delight fans of classical, old-school RPGs.

Get A Bite-Sized Dungeon Adventure In Dungelot 2

Explore dungeons and slay monsters with your fingers in the roguelike Dungelot 2.

Dodge & Roll Your Way To Finding Out Who This Snowball Really Is

There's more to this snowball than meets the eye. Figure it out by dodging and rolling your way to collect all the pieces to the past.

Find Peace Before Being Deleted Forever In Continue?9876543210

Find out what happens to deceased video game characters in this truly unique game.

Here Are 5 Great Games To Download On Your iPad Right Now

Grab your iPad and have a blast playing these awesome games.

Harness The Power Of The Echoes To Save Humanity From Aliens In Echo Prime

Do you have what it takes to save the human race from a deadly horde of invading aliens? Find out in Echo Prime, the new game from Robot Entertainment.

Band Of Heroes Is A Casual RPG Involving Adventure And Strategy

This action-packed RPG is also relatively casual, making for a good balance of the two.