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Apple’s Move to iOS app helps Android users make the switch

Get ready for an easy move to iOS with an app and tips from Apple.

A guide for ditching Google Android for Apple iOS

This guide will make it easy to migrate from Android to iOS.

Apple hopes to attract more Android switchers with a new trade-in program

A report says Apple Stores will soon allow Android users to trade-in their devices to purchase an iPhone.

Android lead developer Google launching new 'Route 85' Web series for iOS developers

"Google? Making a show for iOS developers? It's more likely than you'd think."

Apple launches deregistration tool to help avoid 'iMessage purgatory'

Apple has just introduced a new tool for deregistering phone numbers from iMessage.

Apple posts a guide detailing how Android users can make the switch to an iPhone

Just in time for the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is courting Android users.

Android fragmentation runs amok, while 91 percent now use iOS 7

To date, there have been 18,796 distinct Android-based devices seen in 2014.

Google's Android and Apple's iOS continue to dominate the smartphone market

Android and iOS continue to represent most of the smartphone market.

For the first time, Apple iOS usage slips below Google Android

Android usage worldwide is No. 1 for the first time.

In Europe, Samsung's Galaxy S5 Comes In Behind Apple's iPhone

It looks like Samsung's Galaxy S5 is no match for the iPhone in Europe.

Apple-Owned Beats Music Hasn't Given Up On Google Yet, Updates Its Android App

Beats Music might be owned by Apple, but its Android app just received a sizeable update.

One In Five Apps Is Soon Abandoned, But This Is An Improvement

One in five apps is abandoned after being used once.

Bounden Developer Runs Firsthand Into Android Hardware Fragmentation Issues

While developing an Android port of the title, Game Oven found that the gyroscope on many devices simply doesn’t work.

Apple Sued Regarding iMessage Bug Plaguing Android Users

There is currently no reliable solution to fix the issue.

AppAdvice Daily: Lunch With Tim Cook Is Not Cheap, iTunes Gift Card Giveaway And Android iMessage Bug

Lunch with Tim Cook, iTunes gift card giveaway, and an Android iMessage bug - all this on today's show.

Is An iMessage Bug Forcing Us To Stay With Apple's iPhone?

Ready to dump Apple and go with Android? That might not be a good idea.

Almost Half Of All iPhone Owners Purchase Their Handset For Its Battery Life

IDC has investigated the reason customers choose their smartphone, and the results are interesting.

Google Is Still Figuring Out How To Compete Against The iPhone

Both handset makers and wireless carriers will reportedly be paid to make and sell high-end Android phones.

Android Chief Claims Google Invented Key Features Before Apple

As part of Apple's ongoing trial against Samsung, an Android executive has claimed that his team never strived to "copy" the iPhone.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: Apple Plans To Launch iTunes On Android

The biggest news about Apple this week had absolutely nothing to do with iOS.

Apple To Offer Spotify-Like Music Subscription Service, Bring iTunes To Android?

Apple could soon introduce an iTunes music subscription service, and bring an official iTunes app to Android.

Microsoft Wants To Bring The Xbox Live Experience To Android And iOS

Microsoft has plans to disrupt the mobile gaming industry.

Cydia Tweak: Bring An Android-Inspired Clock To iOS With JellyLockClock7

JellyLockClock7 can bring an Android-style clock to your iOS device.

Google's Android Continues To Lead Apple's iOS In Terms Of Market Share

Android ended 2013 in pretty good shape, in terms of market share.