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apple tv

It looks like Amazon's Prime Video is coming to Apple TV 'within a few weeks'

Amazon's Prime Video streaming service is set to launch on Apple's tvOS, after all.

Get your gaming on the right way with the SteelSeries Nimbus

This MFi controller is an excellent choice for gaming on iOS or the new Apple TV.

Here's why Thursday night football won't be streamed

The NFL's streaming experiment went well, but does that mean it could replace televised football?

The Apple TV’s App Store now features seven different categories

Previously, users could only view apps in two categories: Games and Entertainment.

This is not a test: Apple TV ad campaign goes big with colorful billboards

With these billboards, Apple is seemingly transmitting the message that the Apple TV is where the future of television is.

The powerful Seasonality weather tracking app blows onto the Apple TV

Detailed weather information looks great on the big screen.

Apple also releases tvOS 9.1 beta 3 for developers

Apple has sent another beta for tvOS 9.1 out to registered developers.

Beat your own fastest time on Super Puzzle Maze for Apple TV

This Apple TV game is wickedly difficult to master, but a blast to play.

New Apple TV ads highlight ‘the future of television’: apps

The new Apple TV is the star of the latest set of ads from Apple.

The AppAdvice tech week in review: The iPad Pro arrives, warts and all

Here's our look back at the week that was in tech.

A new Apple TV app, Decyde, makes finding that perfect movie easy

Along with helping you choose what to watch, the app can show you where exactly to view the flick.

Apple's holiday gift guide features Apple TV and iPad Pro

With Apple's holiday gift guide, you can find something for everybody.

Disney launches a 'Star Wars' Infinity 3.0 pack for the new Apple TV

Disney has brought an Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack to the Apple TV. Better yet, it's "Star Wars"-themed, too.

Guitar Hero Live arrives on Apple TV, but there's a catch

This rocking game has arrived on the Apple TV, but it seems to have gotten past some of Cupertino's rules.

Apple announces Apple TV Tech Talks to help educate developers

Registered developers will need to sign up by the end of the week to reserve a spot.

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks iPad Pro, privacy and more in new interview

In a new interview with The Telegraph, Tim Cook talked about key topics including Apple’s new devices and commitment to privacy.

The first podcast app arrives for the Apple TV, and it’s not from Apple

With Podcasts by myTuner, you can enjoy podcasts on the big screen.

The new Apple TV receives its first software update

You can download tvOS 9.0.1 now on the new device.

Top five entertainment apps missing from your Apple TV

If you want to find even more great content on your Apple TV, these apps can help you get your entertainment.

Don't hold your breath for an Apple TV Remote app update

You may be wondering why Cupertino hasn't updated its iOS Remote app for the new Apple TV.

App discovery on the Apple TV still isn't where it should be

Apple's addition of a Categories page in the tvOS App Store is appreciated, but it still misses the mark.

The Apple TV’s Siri Remote takes center stage in Echo from ArcTouch

In the fun party game, players will test their memory and reflexes.

Puzzle adventure game Lumino City is even better with Apple TV

This fun game is perfectly suited to the big screen.

Listen up, meatbag! Carrot Weather has made its way to the Apple TV

See how the sardonic and funny weather app stacks up on the big screen.