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hack n slash

New Action RPG To Hit iPhone And iPad On August 18

Former lead programmer of Bioware, Tobyn Manthrope, is bringing an action RPG to the App Store on Thursday, it's called Emissary of War. The game will feature a top-down perspective and will put you in the role of a barbarian named Ghent.

Mike Lata

Ash Needs your help defending Lord Arthur's castle from the undead in Army of Darkness Defense for iPhone and Army of Darkness Defense HD for iPad. As you help him defend the castle you will also be commanding an army of soldiers and upgrading the castle's defenses with gold you've collected.

Mike Lata

Review: Dungeon Hunter 2 - Full Scale Family Showdown

It seems that siblings are nothing but trouble, and this is the case with Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter 2. Your brother has taken control of Gothicus and plunged it into darkness, and as a son of the Immortal King, you aren't going to stand by and watch. Read on to find out more.

Felix Xiao

Review: Heroes Lore III- Choose Your Side, Choose Your Fate

Heroe's Lore: Stigmata of Gaia has been changed to Heroe's Lore III, and is finally available in the US. The war between Neo-Soltia and the Rits is in full gear, and you must choose who to fight for in the deadly struggle for power. Complete quests, upgrade weapons, create potions, fight man-eating plants, and do so much more. How does EA's RPG compare to others available? Read on to find out.

Felix Xiao

Review: Caligo Chaser

Com2uS has just released their own sidescrolling hack 'n slash RPG. Hybrid: Eternal Whisper may have a serious competitor now.

Jeff Yue