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hack n slash

Defend the village from the clutch of death in Fantasy Mage

Use your magical prowess to save the village from deathly skeletons in Fantasy Mage.

You are mankind's last hope in Implosion, a challenging sci-fi action game with mechas

Implosion - Never Lose Hope is one of the best action games you can get on iOS right now.

Bit Journey is a retro hack-n-slash game about surviving in a world gone mad

There's never a dull moment when you're in an apocalyptic world.

AppAdvice Daily: Fly into the weekend with Cloud Knights and Inferno 2

We're lighting up our iDevice screens with the best new games of the week on today's show.

Fight To The Death For Rome's Glory In Glorious Maximus

Do you have what it takes to be Rome's most powerful gladiator?

How Long Can You Survive In A Land Overrun By Darkness? Find Out In Dark Slash

Do you have the skills to kill the enemies before they kill you?

Abraham Lincoln And Cleopatra Fight Zombies And Save The World In Second Chance Heroes

This hack-n-slash action game adds some spice to your life by combining historical world leaders an figures with zombies and other malevolent creatures.

Use Your Awesome Ninja Skills To Take Out Pirate Monkey Zombies In Draw Slasher

Hanzo the ninja needs your help defeating the pesky zombie pirate monkeys who kidnapped his family. Are you up to the task?

Harness The Power Of The Echoes To Save Humanity From Aliens In Echo Prime

Do you have what it takes to save the human race from a deadly horde of invading aliens? Find out in Echo Prime, the new game from Robot Entertainment.

Use Your Ninja Skills To Hack-N-Slash Your Way Through Nakama

Crescent Moon's latest game will keep you entertained for hours with beautiful visuals and challenging beat-em-up gameplay.

Defeat Deathly Machines Of The Apocalypse In Fallen World For iOS

Can you defeat a powerful machine army in this latest hack-n-slash app?

Battle Against Enemies To Prove Your Worth In Iesabel

Don’t let your guard down in this epic hack-and-slash adventure game.

Oozoo Inc.'s Brandnew Boy Is A Fresh Take On Touchscreen Adventure

Games on iOS are often hit-or-miss due to wonky controls and bad touchscreen translation. This one's a hit all the way.

New Action RPG To Hit iPhone And iPad On August 18

Former lead programmer of Bioware, Tobyn Manthrope, is bringing an action RPG to the App Store on Thursday, it's called Emissary of War. The game will feature a top-down perspective and will put you in the role of a barbarian named Ghent.

Survive Dungeon Horrors As The Town's Last Hope In Underworlds

Bring your sword to bear in this hack and slash role-playing game to save the local town from the risen dead.

Army Of Darkness Defense Released For iPhone and iPad

Ash Needs your help defending Lord Arthur's castle from the undead in Army of Darkness Defense for iPhone and Army of Darkness Defense HD for iPad. As you help him defend the castle you will also be commanding an army of soldiers and upgrading the castle's defenses with gold you've collected.

Chillingo Unleashes 3D Tower Defense Game Vampire Rush

If you are a fan of tower defense or hack 'n slash games you should be in for a treat. Chillingo is releasing a hybrid title called Vampire Rush with an iPad HD and standard version.

Action RPG Third Blade Hits The App Store

Third Blade is available on the App Store for iPhone at a price of $2.99. The game mixes hack and slash gameplay with action RPG elements.

QuickAdvice: Hack-n-Slash Your Way To A Happy Ending With Sad Princess

Fans of the side-scrolling hack-n-slash genre should consider a new title to add to your collection: Sad Princess. How does it stack up and is it worth your money? Click through to find out.

Review: Dungeon Hunter 2 - Full Scale Family Showdown

It seems that siblings are nothing but trouble, and this is the case with Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter 2. Your brother has taken control of Gothicus and plunged it into darkness, and as a son of the Immortal King, you aren't going to stand by and watch. Read on to find out more.

Review: Heroes Lore III- Choose Your Side, Choose Your Fate

Heroe's Lore: Stigmata of Gaia has been changed to Heroe's Lore III, and is finally available in the US. The war between Neo-Soltia and the Rits is in full gear, and you must choose who to fight for in the deadly struggle for power. Complete quests, upgrade weapons, create potions, fight man-eating plants, and do so much more. How does EA's RPG compare to others available? Read on to find out.

QuickAdvice: Mana Chronicles Brings You RPG Hack-n-Slash Action

Fans of the hack-n-slash side-scrolling genre that also appreciate RPG elements would probably like this game. But before you spend your cash on it, I found a few flaws of the game that I feel should be addressed. Read on to learn more.

Review: Caligo Chaser

Com2uS has just released their own sidescrolling hack 'n slash RPG. Hybrid: Eternal Whisper may have a serious competitor now.