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Apple is about to reach an OLED screen deal with Samsung and LG

OLED production for Apple's future iPhones is set to go ahead from LG Display and Samsung Display.

LG's gold-plated Urbane Luxe smartwatch is priced at just $1,200

LG's own luxury Android Wear smartwatch costs a fraction of the price of the Apple Watch Edition.

The new LG Watch Urbane doesn't try to be an Apple Watch

The newest smart watch from LG will be officially unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015.

Apple's smartphone market share in Asia boosted by iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

The handsets have contributed greatly to increasing Apple’s smartphone market share in China, Japan, and, most notably, South Korea.

What buying an LG G3 taught me about the 5.5-inch 'iPhone 6'

Using an LG G3 convinced me to buy a 5.5-inch "iPhone 6," if Apple releases one.

5 Fitness Tools You Can Use With Your iPhone Right Now

The "iWatch" won't launch until this fall, but you can already use your iPhone to improve your fitness routine.

Samsung Could Copy Apple Again By Releasing Devices With Sapphire Glass

Apple isn't the only one likely to bring sapphire crystal displays to market.

Cydia Tweak: Here's How You Can Set iOS Actions For 'Knock' Gestures

Knock knock. Who's there? A useful new Activator add-on that brings two interesting gestures to iOS.

LG Is Set To Launch Two New Wearable Devices That Work With Apple's iOS

The two new fitness wearables are set to launch on Sunday, May 18.

Video: Take A Look At LG's iWatch-Competing 'G Watch'

LG has published a promotional video for its own iWatch competitor.

LG Once Again Rumored To Be The Sole Supplier Of Flexible iWatch Displays

Another report has linked LG with Apple's rumored iWatch product.

Hue Who? LG Takes On Philips With Its Own iOS-Connected Smart Bulbs

Look out, Philips Hue: LG has a new rival product launching in South Korea.

New LG Ad Won’t Make You Buy A Phone, But It Will Give You Nightmares

This could possibly be the worst smartphone ad ever.

Report: Apple And LG Sign 'iWatch' Exclusivity Deal

A new report says that LG has landed an exclusivity deal with Apple to product the so-called "iWatch."

LG's Own FuelBand-Inspired Lifeband Touch Makes An Appearance Online

LG is looking to take on Fitbit, Withings, and Nike with a brand new product.

Apple Holds Over 40 Percent Of US Smartphone Subscribers, But Samsung Is Gaining

The latest data on the state of the U.S. smartphone market is in.

LG Could Soon Be Supplying Flexible OLED Screens To Apple For The 'iWatch'

LG is just one of the companies that could soon be supplying parts for the "iWatch."

Apple's Smartphone Growth In Q2 2013 Was The Slowest It's Been In 4 Years

Though the smartphone market as a whole grew during Q2 2013, Apple's iPhone didn't do so well.

DigiTimes Claims Retina-Equipped iPad mini Could Launch This Fall, After All

Could Apple's iPad mini with Retina display reach Apple Stores this year?

Could Apple Be Investigating Ultra HD LG Panels For Its Rumored HDTV?

One new report claims Apple is in the process of investigating 55- and 65-inch Ultra HD panels for its Apple HDTV.

Say Cheese: New LG Ad Pays Homage To Apple And Then Tears Into Them

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery until it is used against you.

Apple Grabs Second Place In U.S. Top Mobile OEMs

Samsung remains the top OEM (original equipment manufacturer) in the United States, but Apple has recently overtaken LG to snag second place.

HDTV Controller Company Reportedly Added To Apple's Supply Chain

Industry reports say Genesis Photonics is charged with making LED controllers for Apple's rumored HDTV.