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Apple’s Safari is now the only major iOS browser to support the Do Not Track initiative

Google’s Chrome recently dropped the feature after a recent update.

Updated: Widespread bug causes Safari to crash when address bar is tapped

Apple's Web browser is currently affected by a glitch that causes the app to crash immediately upon tapping the address bar.

Sidefari's latest update adds support for the iPhone

It doesn't quite work in the same way, but Sidefari is nevertheless now available on the iPhone, too.

Mozilla Firefox lets you Focus on what matters while browsing Safari

Joining the likes of Crystal and Purify, Mozilla has just released a free content blocker for iOS 9 in the form of Focus by Firefox.

Sidefari lets iPad owners display two Safari Web pages side-by-side

Sidefari is a Safari-enhancing iPad app that we're really pleased to see launch.

AdBlockX, an all-new content blocker for iOS 9, is available now

AdBlockX is a new app in a long line of content blockers, but that doesn't mean it should be ignored.

Block advertisements and more in iOS 9 with Silentium

This new app will help keep your Web browsing experience clean and uncluttered.

Apple is adding content blockers to Safari in iOS 9

It looks like iOS 9 is set to improve Web browsing in Safari for iOS.

Listen to Beats Music in Safari without Flash

Thanks to the efforts of an indie developer, you can now listen to Beats Music in Safari without using Adobe Flash.

'FREAK' security bug found in Safari

A security flaw in Safari could leave you vulnerable to hacking and spying

Google just made mobile search on an iPhone better

Google now indicates to searchers when websites require browser technologies that are not supported on their device.

Apple posts Safari update for devs, blocks older versions of Flash due to security issue

Older versions of Adobe Flash Player have indeed been blocked by Apple.

Two New Features Discovered In Apple’s iOS 8 Beta 2

Two new features have been found in the recently released iOS 8 beta 2.

Apple Lets Users Tap Into Safari's Passwords And AutoFill To Log In To Apps In iOS 8

As part of its "Continuity" initiative, Apple is letting other apps access usernames and passwords stored in Safari in iOS 8.

Apple Releases A Bunch Of Betas: OS X 10.9.4, OS X Server 3.2, Safari 6.1.5

Apple has released three new pieces of beta software for registered developers to test.

Yes, You Scan: Apple Adds Credit Card Scanning Feature To Safari In iOS 8

Instead of manually filling out fields, you can simply scan your credit card when processing e-commerce transactions with Safari in iOS 8.

Under iOS 8, All Third-Party Web Browsers Can Be As Fast As Safari

Apple is making third-party Web browsers more powerful with iOS 8.

Apple Shows Off Its Revamped Safari App For OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Apple has made some huge improvements to Safari in OS X 10.10.

Cydia Tweak: Canopy For iOS 7 Turns Safari Into The Best iOS Web Browser Out There

Give Safari the gift of new features with Canopy for iOS 7.

Chrome For iOS Adds Enhanced Omnibox Support For Right-To-Left Languages

Chrome for iOS has received a small but useful update.

Marissa's Master Plan: Convince Apple To Make Yahoo The Default iOS Search Engine

Yahoo wants its new search technology to be the default engine in the iOS Safari app.

Apps Dominate Mobile Usage, Apple’s Safari Tops Web Browsers

Most mobile device owners are now using apps.

This Useful Mac App Can Bring iCloud Tabs To The OS X Menu Bar

CloudyTabs makes it easier for users to interact with iCloud Tabs in OS X.

Betaworks Rolls Out Enhanced Instapaper Safari Extension For Mac Users

Instapaper has released an enhanced Safari extension which makes saving articles from OS X earlier than ever.